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Nashville, Baby

Last week we visited Nashville for our first time. Our mission was to find the cutest flowers, the best coffee in Nashville, and get our fair share of open mic listening. Did we succeed? I’ll say!

Flower Wall Nashville

Welcome to Nashville

Last week we went to Nashville for a few days. In 3 days away we managed to squeeze in a lot of open mic listening and a lot of coffee. Dan is a coffee lover. He recently quit his job in advertising to work at a cafe in Toronto and learn about the coffee industry. So, anytime we visit a new city it is top priority to find and try all the best cafes… Nashville was no different! Our mission was to find the best coffee in Nashville.  We visited Barista Parlor (East Nashville, Gulch, and Germantown locations), Crema, and Steadfast while we were in town. Each cafe had a great but different atmosphere and we really enjoyed them all! Here are a few snaps from our short trip to Nashville. It’s all about the outfits and the coffee!

Amelia's Flower Truck Nashville

Flowers First

For me, flowers are always first (sorry Dan…coffee will have to wait!). Before coming to Nashville so many people told me I would love Amelia’s Flower Truck and they were so right. I mean, how cute is this?! As soon as we spotted the truck from across the street I fell in love with the charm. You can track where Amelia’s Flower Truck will be located each day on their website which is just what we did as soon as we arrived!


I’m not one to seek out cool walls to take photos in front of…but I undeniably loved this floral wall art on the side of a hair salon on 12 South.

Barista Parlor East Nashville

Best Coffee in Nashville – Barista Parlor

The packaging of the beans at Barista Parlor perfectly suited the moto inspired atmosphere of their 3 locations. We obviously bought a bag to take home (which was carefully inspected by airport security!). The Barista Parlor locations are so carefully designed and such big beautiful spaces. Pick one location and enjoy it for an hour or so, or try to hit up and appreciate all 3 if you can.


Barista Parlor East Nashville

Heh. The irony of this picture is not lost on me. Barista Dan!

Best coffee in Nashville - Barista Parlor

Best coffee in Nashville - Barista Parlor in East Nashville

Best coffee in Nashville - Barista Parlor   Barista Parlor East Nashville -  Best coffee in Nashville

The chocolate selection at Barista Parlor was also out of control – in the best way possible!

Steadfast Coffee Nashville - Corten Steel Stairs

The Best Coffee in Nashville – Steadfast

Steadfast was another small roaster and coffee shop. This spot was located in a large building in Germantown that was shared amongst a few other businesses. The shared landscape at this cafe was awesome and had lots of great outdoor spots to hang out and drink your coffee. If it is a nice day this is just the sort of spot to sit outside and enjoy your coffee and the atmosphere.

Industrial Landscape - Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets, corten steel, pea gravel and ornamental grasses – a perfect industrial inspired and thoughtful landscape!

Steadfast Coffee Nashville

Best coffee in Nashville - Crema

Best Coffee in Nashville – Crema

Crema was another great cafe that we visited a few times. Like the other 2 cafes we liked, they had a small roastery on site and made great espresso drinks. Christine obviously found a dog to play with while I crept close by with my camera – classic! This cafe has a cozy vibe – perfect for a rainy day to sit inside or a nice morning to sit out on their big patio.

All in all we enjoyed our quick trip to Nashville. It is a vibrant city with such an amazing music scene. I don’t even like country music but I loved it while I was there! This fun city is worth a short trip to get your fill of music culture…and coffee 😉

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  1. Aleksandra

    November 17th, 2016 at 3:34 am

    So many colours! Love it 🙂

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