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Spicy Margarita Recipe – A Delicious Coconut Water Cocktail

Filed in: Recipes

Have you ever had a coconut water cocktail? This Spicy Margarita is a delicious twist on a classic!

Spicy Margarita Recipe - a Coconut Water Cocktail

Getting Creative with Cocktails with A Spicy Margarita Recipe!

I love creating cocktails. I have recently started using some more unconventional ingredients to step up my cocktail game. At first I was all about combining fruits; then I added in fresh herbs; and most recently I have been experimenting with different vegetable blends too (carrots and beets…hello!).

Buddha Brands Co. kindly sent me a package of their newest sparkling coconut waters and I immediately started to think of a coconut water recipe that would work nicely with the 3 new flavours – watermelon, pineapple, and regular coconut. The night before making this coconut water cocktail, Dan and I were out at a restaurant and he ordered a grapefruit flavoured spicy margarita. That was just the inspiration I needed to complete what was brewing up in my mind for a coconut water recipe – I was going to add a little bit of spice! Here is a delicious spicy margarita recipe – my first coconut water cocktail!

The end result – a spicy margarita recipe that is perfectly mellowed out with a hint of coconut flavour. 

Spicy Margarita Recipe - a Coconut Water Cocktail

First, prepare the rim of your glasses…

This is how any great margarita starts! To make the salt rimmer, combine the cayenne pepper, salt, and sugar in a small shallow bowl that will fit the rim of your glass. Use a wedge of lime to wet the rim of your glass and dip the rim in the Salt Rimmer Mixture. Finally, fill the glass half way with ice so it is ready to serve!

Ingredients for the Salt Rimmer : 

  • 4 parts coarse salt : 2 parts cane sugar : 1 part cayenne pepper

Coconut Water Recipe - Spicy Margarita Recipe

Have you ever had a coconut water cocktail?

Spicy Margarita Recipe - a Coconut Water Cocktail

Spicy Margarita Recipe, Ingredients to make 2 cocktails:

  • juice from 2 limes (should be min. 2 oz)
  • 1/2 cup pineapple juice
  • 2 oz white tequila
  • 2 oz peach schnapps
  • a *pinch* (I mean it…just a tiny pinch!) of cayenne pepper
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • one can of Thirsty Buddha Sparkling Pineapple Coconut Water to top up (about 3 oz per drink)

Delicious Spicy Margarita Recipe with pineapple and coconut

Delicious Spicy Margarita Recipe with pineapple - A Coconut Water Recipe

Shake it Up!

First, juice the limes to get the fresh lime juice. In a martini shaker combine all of the cocktail ingredients with the exception of the Thirsty Buddha Sparkling Pineapple Coconut Water. Add a few ice cubes and shake the mixture until combined and cold. Serve into your rimmed glasses, top up with the Thirsty Buddha Sparkling Pineapple Coconut Water and enjoy!

Cheers to our First Coconut Water Recipe!

Coconut Water Cocktail - a Spice Margarita Recipe Coconut Water Cocktail - a Spice Margarita Recipe

Do you love tropical drinks? Try our refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Mojito for a hot summer night! Or, are you looking for more spicy cocktails? This is the Best Spicy Caesar Recipe!

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  1. Aleksandra

    April 5th, 2017 at 3:58 am

    That makes me feel so thirsty 🙂

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