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Pretty in Pink

Lipstick. It’s Magical, Have You Heard?

It was only lately that I discovered the magic that is wearing lipstick. Yes, it took me 28 years and about 13 make up wearing years to finally realize this magic. And funnily enough, the thing that brought it to my attention was Instagram Stories! One day I was wearing lipstick while talking into the camera when I realized ‘hey, I look way more vibrant and alive with this stuff on!’ and that was it! A friend of mine, Rebecca – who is a personal stylist, often talks about how wearing a bold lip colour helps you ‘show up for yourself’ – presenting the best, most confident version of you. I love that something like a lipstick can complete an outfit so well but also make you look and feel more confident and polished – I definitely feel that way anyway!

Amazing what a little swipe of colour can do, isn’t it?

Today I’m trying on 8 lipsticks from the Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Matte collection. To think I could go from wearing no lipstick to having 8 shades of just pink through mauve that I actually like and wear! I like this line of products because they are richly pigmented but still feel moisturizing. I also love that they stay on well but not TOO well, you know? If you have ever worn a liquid lipstick that you still had on the next morning (despite washing your face!), then you will know what I’m talking about! I am personally not a fan of liquid lipsticks that stay on for 71949 hours. Impressive, yes. But not for me – I like my makeup to be easily removed at the end of the day 🙂

These formulas are silicone and paraben free and made with the key botanicals of camellia oil, organic sesame oil, soy extract, vitamin E. That’s why they feel soft and moisturizing on your lips! I’m going to go through the 8 colours below so that if you’re looking for your perfect shade you can zoom right in and see which one you think will best suit you too!

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Matte Lipsticks

150 – Powdery Rose

Have you ever been to a new website and they have a button that says ‘start here’? Well, if you are new to lipstick, here is that button. Start here! This colour is subtle enough that you won’t feel over done (which you should never feel, by the way, but I know so many of us do when wearing something new!) but it still has a vibrant colour. I call it subtle, but not too subtle 😉

155 – Pink

This is a bright and fun lipstick. A bright pink lipstick is perfect for a summer night or anytime you want to brighten your look, really! This is a bright pink with fuchsia undertones (ps. can anyone actually spell fuchsia?!!).

154 – Splendid Pink

I find this the most vibrant of all the lipsticks in the Grand Rouge Matte Collection. It has an orange/coral undertone. This colour is fun!

156 – Nutmeg Red

Classic red. Goes with everything! You really can’t go wrong with a great red lipstick in your collection.

157 – Hazy Mauve

From here the colours get a bit darker and have a mauve tone to them. I personally love this tone of lipstick and if you haven’t tried one before, I’d encourage you to do it! This Hazy Mauve is a mauve with a red undertone.

153 – Dark Mauve

This is similar to 154 but with a pink undertone.

152 – Mauve

Bright, fun, and rich. This is a mauve with purple undertone. If you’re new to mauve lipsticks, I’d start here 😉

151 – Eggplant Mauve

The dark horse of the group! Literally. I looked at this colour in the package and said ‘nope, not for me’ but believe it or not I love this colour! When worn with a soft coloured top like I am in these photos I find it to be very flattering and feminine. A little shocking at first, but definitely fun once you get used to it!

Lipstick, Liquid Lipstick or Tinted Gloss – Which one is for You?

If traditional lipsticks are not your favourite, Yves Rocher also has 2 other lines that I love. The Grand Rouge Elixir line is full of rich, highly pigmented liquid lipsticks. These are super creamy and there are some really bold colours. They have longer staying power (12hours) but I don’t find them a nightmare to remove at the end of the day (PHEW!). Then, if something more subtle is your jam, the lipglosses in the Rouge Vertige Line remain some of my favourite YR products. These are tinted lip glosses – so moisturizing and so lovely but still with a good pop of colour!

Giveaway – Woop Woop!

If you’d like to try out some of these Grand Rouge Matte lipsticks yourself, I am hosting a giveaway with Yves Rocher over on my Instagram (click that link!!) for my 4 favourite shades from the line!

Berry Toned Lipsticks & Berry Toned Flowers

The fun and vibrant berry toned lipsticks inspired my berry toned flower arrangements this weekend. I had too much fun working with these bright and vibrant flowers – a change from my typical muted floral palette! This is an arrangement of coral parrot tulips, spray roses, scabiosa, carnations, pink anemone, waxflower and pepperberry. The perfect hot pink mix!


Thank you to Yves Rocher for sponsoring this post. All opinions and photos are my own.

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