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Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine for Fresh Skin

Today I’m sharing my Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine. I am a big fan of the Hydra Vegetal Line! As a bonus, at the bottom of this post I am sharing some of my favourite blue flowers for bouquets with you (inspired by my favourite blue products, of course!).

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine…Do You Have One?

Here’s the truth, I haven’t always had a great skin care routine. Like, I’m talking for the first twenty odd years of my life I washed my face with whatever soap was in the closest proximity to my hand when I was washing up before bed and I would moisturize with whatever moisturizer I could most easily find when my face felt dry. Yes, I’m serious. Luckily for me (and I mean that, I know I am lucky), I have fairly easy going skin and it never really showed any visible signs of discomfort. I rarely got pimples, showed moderate but tolerable redness and while my skin felt dry (no surprise using hand soap to wash it, right?! ;)) it never looked it.

My Decision To Take Care of My Skin

After years of riding on my tolerant skin and no skin care routine, I recently started to realize that my skin wasn’t looking as good as it used to and I didn’t have the fresh faced glow that I had a few years ago. I know I know, I feel like I’m talking like I’m 75 years old here but I noticed a difference and wanted to nip it in the bud before it was too late to change my ways. So, about three years ago I decided to make a change and started using proper facial cleansers and moisturizers and making those two products a part of my daily routine. Next I added in a toner, then the odd facial mask, and most recently an eye cream.

When I first started working with Yves Rocher I visited their store and had my skin tested with a quick swab so I could try out some of their skin care products to see how I liked them. We quickly determined that my skin was still dry and I started using the Yves Rocher hydration product line to try and combat that. You already know how much I love Yves Rocher products, and over the past few months I have continually added new products from this line into my routine and I seriously love the way my face feels and looks after washing and throughout the day. I’m sharing today my Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine.

Looking at This Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

So, let’s walk through the Yves Rocher skin care products I have been using and I’m going to share why I like them for my skin. Oh, and obviously I won’t be doing any of this without the help of some beautiful blue flowers to match my favourite blue and botanical skin care routine! Read below for the Yves Rocher skin care deets and some bonus flower knowledge to keep in your back pocket 😉

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

Mix the Yves Rocher Scrub to Mix with your cleanser for a custom exfoliation!

1. Refreshing Cleansing Gel & Yves Rocher Scrub to Mix

The first step is cleansing. Obviously, right?! This Refreshing Gel Cleanser gives a deep cleansing while still offering moisture to the skin. I have often found in the past that my face feels tight after cleansing but that is not the case with this product and it also does a great job of getting rid of the makeup around my eyes at the end of the day (a constant issue!). The active botanical ingredients in this cleanser, and quite a few other products in this line, are maple and blue agave saps which are used for their moisture capturing abilities. Perfect!

The Yves Rocher Scrub to Mix is an interesting product recently added to the YR product line. You simply pour a little bit into your hand and mix it with the cleanser to create an exfoliant while you wash your face. Depending on how much you add you can control how coarse the exfoliant you create is. I like to use this just a couple of times a week – it makes my skin look and feel so smooth and squeaky clean!

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

2. Yves Rocher Hydrating Micellar Water

This micellar water acts as a toner, additional cleansing step, and moisturizer all in one. The cool thing about micellar water is that it cleanses by pulling dirt out of pores but it does not need to be washed away so you just swab it on your face with a cotton pad.

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

3. Fresh Gel Under Eye Bags

This is the latest addition to my skincare routine which I just started a couple of weeks ago and I looove it! First of all, this is awesome because it is so cooling and refreshing – I love when you can actually feel a product working! I find the eye gel has really helped with darkness in the corners of my eyes and since using it I have felt more confident going without concealer around my eyes which I love.

4. Moisture Boost Serum

After my facial at Yves Rocher (you can read all about that here) the one product that the technician recommended I start using was this Moisture Boost Serum. This is yet another step for hydration that is applied before your regular moisturizer. It offers a deeper moisturizing step and seals in the moisture. Just one tiny pump of this serum is enough for my whole face.

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

5. Intense Hydrating Gel Cream

Last but not least I moisturize! This is my favourite step and I feel like I deserve a little medal for completing the whole routine at this point ;). I have been using this moisturizer as my daily cream for 8 months now and love the hydration it provides. It is light weight and the perfect last step before I apply my makeup and head out. If there is one step I make sure to never skip it is this one!

Are you a Fan of Yves Rocher Skin Care Products too? Take a Look at These Posts to read about some of my other favourite Yves Rocher Product Lines!

Yves Rocher Skin Care Routine

So, there you have it! These are the 6 products that I have been tying out to keep my skin looking and feeling its best and I can happily say that my skin never feels tight or dry anymore. I’m gettin’ my glow back, Friends! The best part of all of this? I feel like I’m at the spa every morning!

Now, How do You Feel About Blue Flowers?

Now, on equally lovely note, the delphiniums came into bloom this week in our garden and these blue Yves Rocher skin care products inspired me to play with some blue flowers.


A List of Blue Flowers for Weddings

Blue Flowers, You Say?

In the past I shied away from using blue flowers because they seemed unnatural and a bit too bold for my preferred palette. The more I have worked with flowers though the more beautiful natural blue flowers I have discovered. A hint of blue can be especially lovely in a more neutral bouquet through a small blue flower such as a muscari in the spring or blueish lavender in the summer. No subtle hints of blue here though – I went all out! This bouquet is a mix of: delphiniums from the garden, hydrangea, thistle and local lupins.

Some of my Favourite Blue Flowers for weddings and elegant arrangements:

  • thistle
  • lupins
  • delphinium
  • blue hydrangea
  • muscari
  • tweedia
  • lavender
  • cornflower
  • iris

A List of Blue Flowers

Fresh flowers and fresh skin – two things that are making me happy this week (and every week ;)).

Do you have a skin care routine that you like to follow? I’d love to hear in the comments! Yves Rocher Skin Care Products

Thank you to Yves Rocher for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Aleksandra

    June 19th, 2017 at 9:43 am

    I am actually using the Yves Rocher eye cream – the 79 something? = right now and I absolutely adore it 🙂

  2. Hailey

    July 4th, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    I feel like I should be doing a lot more than washing my face and night/day cream. Good tips! I like the intense hydrating gel idea:)

  3. Elena

    July 14th, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Gracias, excelente artículo. Yo uso el exfoliante y es delicioso.

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