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10 Bachelorette Party Essentials

10 Bachelorette Party Essentials | Tips to make your bachelorette party a night to remember! Start your day with a group pampering session with the Olay Clay Stick Masks - they will leave your skin refreshed and make you feel like you’re at the spa!

Helloooo, Wedding Season!

As you know, weddings are a huge part of my life. I spend the better part of my summer putting them together and in the off-season I spend hours perusing photos of weddings and chatting with Brides about how we can make all of their floral dreams come true. This is the first year where I actually have multiple friends getting married…5 of them, and I could not be happier about it! On the wedding day I will be playing double duty as guest and florist and I’ll excitedly be attending all of the wonderful pre-wedding festivities too. Engagement parties, bridal showers, and of course…the bachelorette!

Today, with bachelorette parties on my mind, I am sharing 10 essentials for an unforgettable bachelorette party! I’ve got you covered with ideas starting from the pre-party pampering – think bathrobes and face masks (the Olay Clay masks are my absolute favourites for their no mess, non-drying formula!) to the late night snacks which we all know are oh so necessary! Read along for my 10 Bachelorette party must-haves.

10 Bachelorette Party Essentials

1. Pre Party Pampering

I often feel like the build up and prep for a special event is half of the fun! Don’t you agree? Picture you and your besties hanging out at your home or hotel room excitedly prepping for what’s to come – an evening out, a cozy weekend at a cottage or maybe even a full week in the sun. A sparkling drink in hand and a face mask on. As I mentioned above, the Olay Clay Stick Masks are so great for giving your skin an extra glowy boost. The stick formula is amazing – it goes on so easily and it doesn’t make your face feel dry like I find so many other masks do. There is something about a face mask that just makes you feel like you’re at a spa – it’ the perfect start to a night out!


2 A Playlist to set the Mood

Nobody can deny the degree to which music can create an atmosphere. Whether you are staying in for a relaxed girls day or hitting the town to dance, music will set the tone for what is about to happen. I suggest making a playlist in advance so nobody has to play DJ while you are getting ready and spending time together. If there are songs that are meaningful to you and your friends make sure to include those in the list! Nothing inspires a good time like a song coming on that you all love. If you or one of the Ladies in the group has a bluetooth speaker, definitely bring that along too so you can have the music loud enough in the room and still be able to have your phone in your hand to capture all the best moments!

3. A Signature Drink

Like with the music, a signature drink can totally set the tone of the party. Looking for a sophisticated afternoon tea with your ladies? Maybe consider a sparkling wine cocktail with some fresh fruit and juice. If you’re heading to a beach then something tropical with coconut and pineapple sounds perfect. However, bear in mind that your signature drink by no means has to be alcoholic – a healthy smoothie or pressed juice to get the day started is a great addition. Basically, any drink in a pretty glass that has been thoughtfully created is such a great treat and makes your party feel that much more complete.

4. Water & Face Mists to Stay Hydrated

If you are out on the beach, walking around in the sun, or staying out late, hydration is so important to feeling your best and enjoying your day. I love the Olay Hydrating Mists for a little boost on the go. A couple of spritzes on the face will give your skin an instant boost of hydration and glow and also give you a little wake up which is SO perfect. I love the idea of providing each guest with a small kit of things that they will want to use throughout the day – the facial mist is a great item to include in that and so is a nice reusable water bottle (you could even get it branded for the bachelorette!). A water bottle will make sure that each of you are getting enough water throughout the day. Something I struggle to remember on a daily basis…let alone while I am out and about with friends!!

5. Bachelorette Games!

Often at a Bachelorette party you are combining multiple friend groups – your besties from all walks of life. A game really helps break the ice and gets everyone feeling comfortable and excited. Honestly, a quick internet search of ‘Bachelorette Games’ will give you SO many fun ideas! You can even make personalized games like creating a scavenger hunt where you have to collect some of the Bride’s favourite things throughout the night.

6. Some Fun Props

Honestly would it be a bachelorette party without a few fun props? Even if your bride is someone who swears she will not be caught dead in a bachelorette tiara or sash, chances are she will find the gesture humorous and put them on for a photo anyway (wearing it out might be a stretch for some and make sure you respect that!). A personalized prop or item of clothing for the bride is a thoughtful gift to show how special you know this day to be. A set of photo booth props are also a fun thing to have in your bag to use when taking photos throughout the night. I guarantee you that you have no choice but to give the camera a big genuine smile when you’re wearing a ridiculous pair of diamond shaped glasses!

7. A camera to capture memories

So maybe a camera isn’t super necessary anymore, but make sure you have cleared some space on your phone to capture everything! An instant camera for the group is such a fun thing to have. There is still something so special about having a print out of a photo and the photographs would make an amazing gift for the bride to remember this seriously special night in her life.

8. Snacks!

OK, maybe this should have been number 2 right after your party pampering, but snacks are so, so key. Often at Bachelorette parties you will have a packed schedule and it might include a late dinner reservation. Take a group trip to the grocery store and stock up on goodies or plan in advance who is going to bring what! Trust me, nobody has ever regretted having too many snacks!

9. Night time Recovery

Just like pre-party pampering, end of the night pampering is a real thing too! Ending the night with some group skin care will be the final step in your super special day. Makeup wipes (Olay has a great one!) will make it quick and easy to wash your face at the end of the day and the Olay Brightening Eye Cream is a lifesaving product for late nights and early mornings. I use my Olay Brightening Eye Cream in the morning and evening – it helps reduce dark circles and fine lines over time…JUST what you need after a busy day and night out!

10. A Positive Attitude

Ok, the final and perhaps most important thing! I know this sounds super cheesy but I totally mean it! If you are anything like me you have lost the enthusiasm that you had back in your early twenties for a night out on the town. Sure, it’s fun, but I could be just as satisfied with a movie and glass of wine on the couch. But this opportunity to spend time with all of your closest friends is something that becomes more and more rare as we get older and the time all together should not be taken for granted. Embrace this day, weekend, or week together and have a ton of fun! You’ll be back to work the next week and will smile back at the amazing weekend, I promise.

This blog post is sponsored by Olay. All images and thoughts are my own.

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