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Yves Rocher Beauty – Simple Makeup Routine

Filed in: Lifestyle

These are my favourite Yves Rocher products for a simple makeup routine. No makeup makeup is my go-to look and it just takes 5 products to achieve that feel.

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

5 Minutes to get ready? No prob! Simple Makeup Routine

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always running somewhere. I’ve got my daily morning habit of pressing snooze for about 20 minutes too long and then I’m scrambling to get out the door on time. So, perhaps it is out of necessity that I have developed this quick and simple makeup routine that I’m sharing with you here today! I’ve partnered with Yves Rocher to share with you what I call my ‘5 products in 5 minutes’ no makeup makeup routine. These are the 5 products that I wear everyday to feel fresh faced and put together.

What I really love about them is that the end result is so natural barely even looks like you’re wearing any makeup. A no makeup makeup look is my go-to. Enhancing natural beauty is my favourite thing about makeup and that is something that Yves Rocher does so well.

Yves Rocher…The Botanical Beauty Brand

So, in addition to sharing with you my simple makeup beauty routine, I am really excited to introduce you to Yves Rocher! Yves Rocher is a beauty brand that creates plant based products that respect the consumer and the environment. I’m going to be sharing a few of their products on here over the next few months and also sharing a little insight into the botanical background of each of the products I try.

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

5 Products in 5 minutes…GO!

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

1. Yves Rocher Flawless Skin Concealer

Well, we’re starting off with a bang because this concealer is one of my favourites ever. It is smooth to apply and easy to blend. It also just happens to be the best match I have found for my skin…ever! Musk rose oil is the main botanical ingredient here and it helps strengthen the skin and gives this concealer it’s silky smooth qualities. I put concealer all around my eyes (even the lids), on the red sides of my nose, and on any blemishes. Simple makeup begins with a fresh base and this concealer is the best first step.

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

2. Yves Rocher Eye Brow Pencil 

Next step is an eyebrow pencil. I’m not about altering the shape of my brows; I like to simply fill them in where they are a little sparse. After filling in I use the brush end to push the hairs upward a bit so that the top line of my brows does not fall flat.

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

3. Vertigo Length Mascara

Mascara is my favourite beauty product and I am SO happy with the Yves Rocher mascaras I have tried so far. The mascaras use elemi gum from the Manila Elemi tree which helps to give the lashes structure. This is the first time I have used a mascara with such a small wand and I really like it – it’s able to reach the tiny lashes and get right to the base of all of the lashes. Hellooo to longer lashes! Making your eyes pop is what makes a no makeup makeup look really shine.

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

4. Yves Rocher Natural Blush

My other favourite thing? Blush! I rarely wear bronzer but blush is my jam. This always feels like the step in my makeup routine that makes the biggest difference. I sweep the blush across my cheek bone letting a little more powder poof onto the apples of my cheeks. Rice bran extract is the botanical ingredient in this natural blush which helps to brighten the skin.

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

5. Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon

The final touch is always the lips. I love to wear lipstick on occasion but on a daily basis I go for something that is hydrating, comfortable to wear, and close to my natural lip colour – just a tad darker and a little shinier. This lip crayon gives great moisture and natural gloss – just how I like my lips!

Yves Rocher Simple Makeup Routine - No makeup makeup

And there you have it! My 5 simple makeup products that make me ready to take on the day!

Do you have a daily simple makeup routine? What are your go-to products? 

Thank you to Yves Rocher for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own!

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  1. Aleksandra

    December 12th, 2016 at 6:57 am

    I love their little scent bottles, coocunt is my fave <3

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    February 6th, 2019 at 5:16 pm

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