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Decorate the Fireplace Mantle for Christmas

Decorating the Fire Place for Christmas

I grew up in the country and every year we decorate our fireplace mantle for Christmas. This could be the most simple way to decorate for the holidays but it is elegant in its simplicity. Perfect for a country Christmas.

Decorating the fireplace for Christmas

1. Gather your greens. I used 10 stems pine, 10 stems spruce, 5 stems cedar.

2. Place your greens. Lay down 80% of your greens and allow the ends to cascade over the front of the fireplace. I find the pine is nicest at the bottom because it is more bulky than the others.

3. Use a large ribbon to weave throughout the boughs. Next, string a line of white Christmas lights throughout the boughs. I recommend battery operated lights because then you don’t have to deal with hiding an extension cord from the wall up to the mantle.

4. Lay the remaining 20% of the boughs on top of the lights and ribbon. Having some boughs on top will give the display more depth.

5. Place Christmas ornaments throughout. I didn’t find it necessary to wire the balls into place – the boughs create ‘nest areas’ where you can place the ornaments. Wiring is always an option if needed. I used 15 red balls and 15 pinecones. In the right corner I created a focal area using one larger ball with a large bow.

Fireplace Decorating for Christmas

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  1. Zan says:

    It is so pretty. I never use real in my Christmas decor…I am not sure how to. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Daria says:

    Your mantel piece is gorgeous! So vibrate and refreshing! Thanks for sharing…

  3. That is beautiful!! Country Christmas is my favorite theme, its so homey. If only I had a fireplace with a mantle!

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