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3 DIY Flower Napkin Rings – The Perfect Accent for your Table

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

DIY Flower Napkin Rings for the Perfect Place Setting

With Easter coming this weekend here are 3 simple DIY Flower Napkin Rings to add some spring to your place settings. All of these flower napkin rings can be made using whichever flowers or greens best suit your decor – you can go vibrant and bold or keep things very simple.

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

1. The Classic Napkin Ring

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

This is the only one of the DIY Flower Napkin Rings that requires a bit of a tutorial. This DIY napkin ring is made in a similar fashion to the wreaths I shared last week in this post. Using a 24 guage wire create a small circle that will make the actual napkin ring. About 2-3″ in diameter is great. Then, pierce the stem of each flower with a wire so that they can be attached to the DIY napkin ring. Depending on the flower you will have to experiment to find the best way to secure it with wire. For example, with the ranunculus I found that it was easiest the put the wire right through the top of the flower bloom as their stems are too delicate.

Attach the wire of each flower to the wire ring. Once your flowers are attached to the ring, select a ribbon to cover the ring – I used a simple jute yarn. Using a glue gun or a strong glue, attach the ribbon at the top of the ring, below your flowers and wrap it around the ring until you are back at the flowers. Glue your string down at the end. Ta da!

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

Supplies (based on this exact ring):
– 24-26 guage wire to create your ring and also attach your flowers
– strong glue
– approx 1′ of ribbon or string (length will vary with ribbon thickness)
– 4 small sprigs of thyme
– 1 ranunculus flower and 1 bud

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

2. The Simple Napkin Tie

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

This napkin tie could not be more simple. Select a few stems of flowers that suit your decor. Use the ribbon of your choice to tie a knot around the middle of the stems to securely hold them all together. Place your flowers on top of your neatly folded napkin right in the middle. Wrap the ribbon around the back of the napkin and then back around to the front. Pull tightly to create a pucker in the middle where the ribbon is – tie in a bow.

Supplies (based on this exact tie):
– 1 flower and 2 small buds of lisianthus
– a bunch of thyme
– 9″ of jute

3. The Place Setting Wreath

Spring DIY flower napkin Rings

This starts out just like number 1. Using your wire create a small ring 2-3″ in diameter. Using a hot glue gun or a strong glue glue on your choice of greens around the perimeter of the ring. I used thyme because it is very dense which is what you want for such a small wreath. It also has a lovely smell for your table. Place on top of a neatly folded napkin for a simple and elegant place setting.

– 24 guage wire
– glue gun
– thyme

Which Flower Napkin Ring Suits your Decor?

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  5. Anitha says:

    What a lovely idea using flowers for napkin rings. Looks beautiful!

  6. Meghan says:

    Could you come over and basically help me host all my parties haha I love your blog!

  7. Joce says:

    What a simple and beautiful idea for spring! I love flowers and simple projects. #1 and #2 are my favorite!

  8. Kate says:

    Those flower rings are adorable- but the wood on your table is to. Die. For! Love it! Link up with us at 100 Happy Days!

  9. These are simply gorgeous. I love everything about it, including the table setting!

  10. Aleksandra says:

    Those are so adorable!

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