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DIY Shoe Rack – Shoe Storage Solution with Marble Contact Paper

This DIY Shoe Rack is simple to make and easily customizable for your style and size needs.

Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Small Space Living Can be Tough…

It’s been 5 years but I am starting to figure out condo living and learning a lot about myself in the process! One thing I have learned is that my surroundings really affect my mental state. Is anyone else like that? If the house is a mess then I am instantly a bit uneasy and feel unmotivated. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a ‘neat freak’ but I like everything to have a place. That has been a big part of successful condo living – creating designated spaces for items so that nothing takes up permanent residence on the counter or table. The latest? Enter here our DIY Shoe Rack!

Every few months I have an ‘a-ha moment’ where I figure out a new means of giving a ‘place’ to items. Our latest ‘place’ helps with that front entry way daily clutter – shoes, wallets, purses and keys. While we each have a spot in our closet for shoes, it doesn’t make sense to put our daily pairs away each day just to bring them out the next morning. SO, with 32″ of leftover wall space I decided to come up with a DIY Shoe Rack.

Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Tailor this DIY Shoe Rack to Fit your Personal Style

This DIY Shoe Rack is really easy to make. I dreamed it up because it’s easy to assemble and uses readily available materials. I spent about $120 on materials and have a product that suits our aesthetic, fits the allowed width, and has the exact amount of space I need. Bonus: it was also a fun few hours putting it together!

This DIY Shoe Rack can have different finishes depending on your personal style. Our apartment is pretty feminine (sorry Dan! He moved in after I had bought everything…) so I went with marble and gold. However, this shelf would work with the metal left with its natural galvanized finish with white shelves, rough wood shelves, acrylic shelves etc. The sky is the limit!

DIY Shoe Rack

Ok, how do we make this Shoe Rack?

I was really excited to find everything I needed in stock at Rona so that is where I chose to purchase all the items. I loved that Rona has the feature where you can order and pay for everything online and simply pick it up in store – totally beats wandering the aisles! Saying this, you should be able to find all of the important pieces at any local hardware store. The only material that may be a challenge to find is the marble contact paper. Rona happened to carry this but I also found it online at

My shelf is 32″ wide because that is the exact amount of space I had to work with. The width fits 3 pairs of shoes well and, based on my needs, I wanted my DIY Shoe Rack to be 3 shelves high.

Shopping List for your DIY Shoe Rack: 

Simple DIY Shoe Rack

I will be referencing the items on this list by name in the instructions. Familiarize yourself with which is which! 🙂

MISSING: Screws – I used #8 screws that were 1/2″. 48 are needed.

The only item that you may need to alter from the shopping list is the length of melamine shelf (96″ worked perfectly for 3 shelves at 32″ for me) and therefore the length of marble contact paper required depending on your desired shelf width. 2 rolls worked for my 32″ shelf with a half roll left over.

*TIP: I originally tried this DIY Shoe Rack using spruce lumber – the grain of the wood showed through and the marble contact paper as not convincing at all. Using a smooth surface like the melamine makes this process super easy and it looks great in the end. Also, have the hardware store cut your wood, no need to bust out a saw! 🙂

Step by Step (ooh baby!)

Step 1: Spray Paint! 

Give all your hardware (the metal pieces) a coat of spray paint if you are planning to colour it. Let it dry while you work on everything else. I sprayed each of the metal pieces with quite a few thin coats for maximum coverage.

STEP 2: Cover the Shelves with your Marble Contact Paper

If you opt to cover your shelves using marble contact paper, measure out the marble contact paper first so that it will wrap around all 4 sides of the board. The marble contact paper does not fully cover the bottom of the boards and, since they can’t be seen, I am fine with it!

Honestly, the most nerve wracking part is applying the contact paper! Press your marble contact paper on slowly, working your way from one end of the board to the other and ensure there are no bubbles as you go. Once you have covered the top of your board flip it over so the marble contact paper is face down on your work surface (like below). Cut out the squares of excess paper at each corner (see below) so that you can tightly make a neat corner with the contact paper around the board. My preference was to do each long side first and then finish with the 2 short ends.

Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Marble Contact Paper DIY

The underside – not all covered and not as perfect as the top but that’s okay!

Marble Contact Paper DIY | Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Get Out Your Tape Measure!

STEP 3: Measure it out!

Determine placement for your vertical rails (threaded steel pipes) and flanges. See shopping list if you aren’t sure which items I’m referencing :). Once you determine how far in from all the sides each flange should be, mark the centre of the flange. Mark this same measurement on both the left and right side of your shelf. This same measurement will be used to place the flanges on the top of all 3 shelves and the underside of the top and middle shelves. The ideal placement for the middle of the flange is centred on the short end of the shelf and no more than 2.5″ in from the short end.

TIP – use a dry erase marker to put your marks or make sure to test your marker first!


DIY Shoe Rack

Your DIY Shoe Rack is Coming Along!

Step 4: Attach the Legs

On the underside of the bottom shelf mark 4 spots for each of the 4 flanges to go for the legs. From the short end, measure in the same distance that you determined with your measurement above. Then, measure in that same distance from both of the long ends and make your dots. These spots will be the centre of your 4 flanges for the legs.

Screw on the 4 flanges using a screwdriver or a drill. Once the 4 flanges are attached, thread onto the 2.5″ threaded nipples onto each and finish off by threading the 4 caps on the bottom. Voila, your legs are complete!


Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Final Steps…

5. Attach your Shelves!

This is the order that I found to be the best for attaching everything together. It is a bit of a puzzle!

  1. Screw the 2 flanges onto the underside of the top and middle shelves
  2.  Thread 12″ steel pipes into the 4 underside flanges. Next thread the final 4 flanges onto the end of those threaded steel pipes.
  3. Screw the middle shelf onto the bottom shelf using the final flanges you attached.
  4. Screw top shelf to the bottom unit which is now made up of the middle and bottom shelf
  5. TA DA!! Style it up and enjoy having a spot to clear your clutter!

Simple DIY Shoe Rack   Simple DIY Shoe Rack Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Joel Loblaw Artwork

Lovely Painting by Joel Loblaw

Simple DIY Shoe Rack   DIY Shoe Rack

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    DIY Shoe Rack

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  1. […] One more amazing achievement has done with the marble contact paper! Here a whole shoe rack has been remodeled and marbleized using the marble contact paper! Wrap the shelving levels of the shoes rack with the marble contact paper and then paint the metal pipe frame in gold! Details here threadsandblooms […]

  2. Aleksandra says:

    That is just so neat, really impressed!

  3. Rosalyn says:

    This is so genius – I might give this a try for my entry way!

    • Emily H says:

      I’m so glad you think so! I am excited that it is easily customizable, so you can make it however suits your space best! Thanks for reading 🙂 – Emily

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