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Sunday Errands with Enterprise Carshare in Toronto

Bootin’ Around Town with Enterprise CarShare

My experience using Enterprise Carshare in Toronto

Sunday Errands with Enterprise Carshare in Toronto…

This past weekend was a fun one in the city and was jam packed with socializing! On Sunday my friends and I planned to get together for our seasonal clothing exchange. It’s one of our favourite traditions – we each bring all of our old clothing that we’re tired of and swap it with each other. At the end of the day everyone goes home with a new mini-wardrobe and we didn’t have to spend a dime!

This weekend it was my turn to host. It’s probably no surprise that I looove playing host but after a busy week I had definitely left picking up supplies to the last minute…eek! Come Sunday morning I had a long shopping list of things to grab before my friends came over for lunch.

Thanks to Enterprise CarShare in Toronto I conveniently rented a vehicle for a few hours to get me around the city. With my car not available for use, a morning full of errands and not much time in which to complete them, this Sunday was a perfect time to put my CarShare membership to good use!

Early Bird Espresso Toronto

Tap and go…

I partnered with Enterprise CarShare in Toronto a few months back (remember the red van full of flowers?! *heart eyes*). Last time the cargo van could not have been more perfect for my uses but this time I just needed something small to get around town. Using the CarShare app I booked my reservation in advance. There are many locations within a short walking distance from my condo where I was able to choose which car I would like to take out. You better believe that when I saw there was a Beetle available just a couple blocks west of my condo it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made lately!

There are over 175 Enterprise CarShare car locations around Toronto where you can pick up cars to use for an hour, for the day, or overnight.  These spots are as simple as just one or two cars parked in designated parking spots above ground or in a parking garage. There are a wide variety of cars that you can choose from – small cars if you are driving on your own, larger SUVS if you’re doing a short road trip with friends, and cargo vans like I used last time if you have a pick-up or delivery to make (my friend is a ‘Kijiji-er’ and uses his CarShare membership weekly to grab his latest small furniture finds). With Enterprise CarShare you are able to do a rental for as short as forty five minutes which is absolutely perfect when you just have some city errands to run like I did on Sunday.


Here’s Where I went with Enterprise Carshare in Toronto…

My day started at 8am when I strolled 2 blocks west to pick up the Beetle. Since I made the reservation through the app all of the reservation information was programmed into my membership card and also into the card reader on the car dash. So, I simply tapped my membership card on the reader to unlock the car (this action also locks the car each time you need to). Woah, technology is cool, Guys!

I had decided for lunch I was going to do a ‘toast bar’ where my friends could make up their own toasts using avocado, ricotta, and peanut butter as the bases. I was also going to do a yogurt parfait station with lots of healthy toppings. I had a long list of groceries to pick up and it wasn’t going to be a one-stop-shop!

I had 3 hours to get through my shopping list:

  • Grab coffee from Early Bird for making pour-overs
  • Get flowers from the shops at Avenue & Davenport for dining table
  • Grab fruit and vegetables from shops in Kensington Market
  • Pick up Granola and bread from Blackbird Bakery
  • Get small bowls for yogurt parfaits
  • Grab yogurt, ricotta, and whatever I wasn’t able to find at the market (ended up being avocados and bananas) at the grocery store

Cheap Flower Shops Toronto

Remember…Flowers First!

First stop – the flower shops up at Avenue and Davenport – about a 15 minute drive from home. This is my favourite spot in the city to just grab a few flowers for myself. Everything is bundled just as it comes from the wholesaler so it allows me to make my own arrangements – perfect! I picked up a bunch of the most big and beautiful ranunculus that I’ve ever seen and I’m still enjoying them throughout the week.

My experience using Enterprise Carshare in Toronto

PSST…Interested in trying Enterprise CarShare? 

If you’re interested in giving the Enterprise CarShare program a try, I have a promotion for my readers that you can access HERE. This link allows you to join for just $10 and gives you a $10 credit toward your first rental within Canada. 

Kensington Market Fruit Stores

My experience using Enterprise Carshare in TorontoMy experience using Enterprise Carshare in Toronto

Off to Kensington Market

After the flower shops we headed down to Kensington Market (10 minute drive) to grab the necessary vegetables and go to Blackbird Bakery. Blackbird is our favourite bakery in the city for amazing sourdough bread and their granola is great too. It was a must stop for brunch supplies 🙂

My experience using Enterprise Carshare in Toronto

Blackbird Bakery Toronto

Blackbird Bakery Toronto

The final stop was the grocery store to grab all the final food supplies and I also ended up finding the perfect yogurt parfait bowls. BOOM – 2 items checked off in 1 store! We were ready to head home!

At the end of our reservation we ensured that the gas was at the same level as when we picked up the car (using the pre-loaded gas card in the car which is included in your membership fee!) and headed back to the spot where we picked up the car to return it. With a tap of the membership card on the dash reader we locked the car and were all done. If necessary, through the app you are able to extend your rental or, if you are done earlier than expected you can return it early too – extending is allowed in 15 minute increments which is so handy.

We arrived home just in time and I ran upstairs to whip up some toast toppings before my friends arrived. We had such a fun afternoon drinking mimosas, eating great snacks, and swapping outfits. If it isn’t something you have ever done, I highly encourage organizing a clothing swap amongst your group of friends! It’s a fun time to hang out and refresh your wardrobes.

DIY Toast BarAll the toppings ready to go!

DIY Toast BarAvocado toast with crushed tomatoes ; ricotta toast with candied pears, figs, honey and thyme

DIY Toast Bar Yogurt parfait with strawberry jam, fresh and dried fruit and Blackbird Granola 

DIY Toast Bar

My experience using Enterprise Carshare in Toronto

Thank you to Enterprise CarShare for sponsoring this post and making my pre-brunch errands so much easier! All opinions, stories, and photos are my own.

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  1. Aleksandra says:

    Looks like you had a dreamy Sunday!

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