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Weekends in Vineland – Local Profile: Revalee Brunch Cafe

Revalee Brunch Cafe is a new brunch restaurant in Vineland, Ontario and I checked it out for the first time this past weekend. I’m always super excited when a new great restaurant opens in the Niagara Region! Sharing some of what we tried and thoughts after our first visit to Revalee Brunch Cafe.

Revalee Brunch Cafe - Vineland - Niagara Restaurants

Small Town Living for The Summer

As most of you already know, Dan and I made the move from Toronto back to the Niagara Region at the beginning of July. While this area has always been ‘home’ to me and we came back often (my studio is located here…so really, very often!) living here again still feels different. Before living here, whenever we were in the area we were always in a big rush to finish up what we had to do here and head back to the city and get on with our commitments and life there. We never really had time to take advantage of the beauty of the area for more than an hour or two – it was almost always strictly work when we were out at the studio. It’s been so nice living in the area these past few weeks. We have been enjoying the extra time to try out new restaurants, visit wineries, and do our weekly groceries at the various farm stands (my favourite activity!!).

Last weekend we visited Revalee Brunch Cafe in Vineland. For those of you not familiar with the Niagara Region – Vineland is a small town in ‘The Bench’ area. Vineland has tons of orchards and fresh produce and of course, plenty of vineyards. Revalee Brunch Cafe is a lovely brunch spot with a great menu (very vegetarian + vegan friendly!). It has all the brunch classics but with a bit of a twist. For example, french toast served with spiced pears, creme fraiche and mulled syrup – sounds pretty delicious if you ask me! Or, their mini menu of just avocado toasts featuring toppings like balderson cheddar and pico or candied squash and goat cheese. It’s got a downtown flare without the long line up that we used to find every weekend in the city. Although, we did have to wait a little bit of time, we went to the farm stands along King Street and picked up our produce for the week – not a bad way to kill the time, right?!

They have an extensive coffee list which even Dan approved of (you have no idea how few places get his approval!) and their outdoor patio is the perfect summer spot with herbs spilling out of the planters all around. Needless to say, this was my kind of place and I’m looking forward to going back and trying more of the menu!

Niagara Region Blog

Revalee Brunch Cafe - Vineland - Niagara Restaurants

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Revalee Brunch Cafe - Vineland - Niagara Restaurants

The Vegan Rancheros with  black bean + corn fritters, crispy tempeh, avocado and more!

Revalee Brunch Cafe - Vineland - Niagara Restaurants

The grapefruit brulee which was a torched grapefruit – it tasted just how the house smells when I bake citrus slices at Christmas time! 

Revalee Brunch Cafe - Vineland - Niagara Restaurants

The planters filled with herbs which they came out and cut for fresh cooking

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  1. […] event’ for us. We had some time to kill while waiting to get into the local breakfast spot (Revalee, obv) so, as always, we decided to go and grab our local produce for the week from the nearby farm […]

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