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DIY Easter Egg Vases & Other Spring Decor Ideas

Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases

Easter Crafts, too cute?

There is no denying that Easter is my absolute favourite Holiday. I can’t even put into words the excitement that I feel at this time of year when I know spring is approaching. It’s a fresh new start.

Looking back through my archives, I was surprised that I had never shared any Easter crafts on here. However, as I sat down to brainstorm ideas, I quickly realized why. Everything that came to mind that is commercially associated with Easter – bunnies, eggs, pastels pinks, just felt too cutesty and kitsch. I knew that for a DIY project was truly ‘Me’ it had to be simple and it had to include fresh flowers. It’s the perfect time of year to embrace the beautiful spring blooms, after all!

Well friends, guess where my inspiration finally came from?! My glass of wine one evening! The stemless wine glass was shaped just like an Easter egg. It immediately hit me – how cute would an Easter egg vase be?!  And a wine glass is a perfect size vase to affordably fill with bursting blooms to decorate any surface in your home. Perfect.

Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases

Easter Crafts – DIY Easter Egg Vases

These easter egg vases are simple to make and look great when clustered together and with each vase filled with a different variety of blooms (or perhaps each vase with a bunch of different coloured tulips!?). Or, imagine one on each bedside table in your house? A little easter egg to brighten any corner. Seriously though, so many options.

You will need:

Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases

To Make your Easter Egg Vases

1. Clean your stemless wine glass thoroughly

Allow the glasses to air dry afterwards. Once dry, wipe them with alcohol to ensure that there are no loose filaments or pieces of dirt on the surface. This will help your paint adhere.

2. Mix your acrylic paint

I went for soft blue, yellow, and green shades to give my vases a Robin’s egg look. Knowing that my painting skills (/more so my patience) were limited, this felt like a natural and simple way to paint them. Any soft colour combination would be lovely! Or, if painting is your forte, you could even paint them with bold patterns to resemble traditional painted Easter eggs. Do whatever excites you most!

3. Paint your glasses with the Base Coat

Do 1 base coat and allow it to dry fully. Do a second coat so that your glass is fully covered. Be sure to only paint the outside of your glass. Unless properly cured, acrylic paint will not stand up to the water inside the vase.

4. Add the Splatters (Optional)

If you are going for a Robin’s egg look, like mine, add your splatters once your base coats are completely dry. Place your vases in a cardboard box that is about 1′ high and is large enough that you have space around the glasses to paint them. The box protects your surroundings from getting splattered along with the glasses! Dip the end of your paint brush in your splatter colour – white, gold, or brown work best for an authentic Robin’s egg look. Using your thumb, brush your thumb briskly across the paintbrush to create a splatter effect. Your hands will get dirty! It may take time to figure out the best method for splattering but it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect! To get a controlled splatter I found it was helpful to cut the bristles on my small paintbrush to be about 1/2 cm long.

5. Seal your Paint

The final step once everything has had at least a day to dry out thoroughly is to seal your glasses. I found that dishwasher safe Modpodge was the best option for this. You may choose to bake your glass to cure the paint or wait the curing period that is specified on the paint bottle (many craft acrylics are 21 days). Regardless, bear in mind that these vases are just being used for flowers in the end. Aside from the water I put inside them, I avoid washing the outside with water – it will preserve the lifespan of your lovely painted vase much longer!

Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases Easter Crafts - DIY Easter Egg Vases

Looking for More Spring Decor Ideas?

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This spring bulb planter combines some of my favourite spring flowers and can sit inside or outside.

Share this post if you’re looking forward to spring too! And make sure to follow along on Instagram for daily photos!

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