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Unique Father’s Day Gifts

If you are a regular reader here you will probably know by now I’m not a big fan of gift guides…or, typical gift guides, that is. I think that’s because a lot of the things that I think make the best gifts aren’t necessarily ‘one size fits all’ items that can be found online. With this gift guide I am not giving specific gift ideas but my goal is to get you thinking of some unique father’s day gifts. I truly hope that that thinking will help you land on something special that any dad in your life will love this Father’s Day!

So, here is my not-so-typical guide to unique Father’s Day gifts.

Unique Father's Day Gifts - Threads & Blooms

1. Something that Grows

First up on the list of unique father’s day gifts is something that grows. Gifts for the garden are some of my favourite. Mine and Dan’s parents both love their garden and are constantly adding new plants. My dad’s favourite things are his quince and plum trees and my brother (also a dad) loves to tend to his raspberry bushes. If your dad has the space to plant a perennial, tree, or shrub outside, consider something that would suit the space and that he would enjoy. For my dad that is definitely anything that bears fruit! If he has limited outdoor space a potted herb garden is a great gift (especially for those who like to cook!). Head to your local garden centre to see what they have in stock!

Unique Father's Day Gifts - Threads & Blooms

2. A Monthly Treat

I have become such a fan of monthly subscription services. Who doesn’t love receiving something in the mail?! I especially love that, for the most part, these subscription packages send consumable goods because honestly, nobody needs more lingering ‘stuff’ in their house anymore! There are many great subscription services available. Beer of the month, wine of the month, cheese of the month, coffee of the month. You name it – it probably exists! Since your dad won’t receive the first shipment of his gift for at least a month, give a little something extra as a sign of what’s to come. For example, if it’s a wine membership, maybe a new decanter? Or if it’s a coffee subscription, maybe a french press or a weigh scale? You get the point! Here are some of the monthly memberships that I am familiar with and love:

Kwaf Wine Club

We have given this one to Dan’s dad. You can choose different packages but the general idea is that you would receive 6 bottles of wine every 3 months – all wines are from Ontario vineyards and are not sold in the LCBO.

The Roaster’s Pack

The Roaster’s Pack is a Toronto based coffee subscription service. Each month they send out 3 bags from different Canadian roasters and will even grind the coffee in a way best suited to your desired brew method (aeropress, pourover etc.). This is perfect for the dad who makes his own coffee each morning and wants to try some great Canadian roasters. On the Roaster’s Pack website they also have things that would make great accompanying gifts like a book on how to brew coffee or a coffee log if he’s really serious about recording what he tries and likes (you better believe that Dan does this!).

Canada Craft Club

Ok, so I actually have no personal experience with this one but it was the first thing that came up when I googled ‘Beer Subscription Ontario’ and I’ve gotta say…it looks pretty good!

Unique Father's Day Gifts - Threads & Blooms

3. An Experience Together

I can almost guarantee that what your dad would like best of all is time with you. Why not choose something for the two of you to do together? Based on what your dad likes there are so many options – a concert, a class or a sports game are all great ideas. Tickets to an upcoming event also prolongs the Father’s Day fun a little bit longer and gives him something to look forward to.

  • Tickets to a Musical Concert
  • Tickets to a Sports Game (Baseball, soccer, football, INDY etc.)
  • An Afternoon Fishing Trip
  • A Round of Golf
  • A Cooking Class
  • A Ceramics Class

4. Something for the Kitchen

Okay, so this isn’t your generic ‘a BBQ set!’ suggestion, I promise. Think about what your dad actually likes. For my dad, he doesn’t love cooking, but he loves sparkling water. Does he even know a SodaStream exists? Probably not! And I KNOW that he would be pumped to get one. Years ago we got him a popcorn maker and I’m pretty sure it made the next decade significantly more enjoyable for him. There are more cooking tools than you may think of at first and if there is one thing that I know is consistent amongst almost all dads it is that they enjoy eating!

Unique Father's Day Gifts - Threads & Blooms

5. Books on His Interest

Are you seeing a theme here? The most important thing about any gift is that it reflects the interests of the person to whom you are gifting (Father’s Day or otherwise!). My dad loves history and machinery so I would look for a book on either of those topics (basically anything that confused me right from the cover page would probably suit him well ;)). Cars, Castles, Deep Sea Diving, Wines of South America…whatever his interests, chances are, there’s a good book out there somewhere!

Unique Father's Day Gifts - Threads & Blooms

6. Embrace Nature

So this gift is a little more specific but, if I’m being honest, I have yet to meet a fellow that doesn’t have at least a small interest in birds. Guys, even Dan likes birds! Both my parents and Dan’s parents love their bird feeders. Heck, my sister and her husband just put a bird feeder behind their house and they love watching the birds too (and taking photos of them!) and they’re young and cool parents. A special bird feeder, house or bird bath is a surprisingly awesome gift. Want to go a step further? Maybe add in a pair of binoculars and a book on the birds of your local area.

7. A Donation to a Cause He Supports

If your dad is a passionate giver chances are he would be thrilled to have you support a cause in his name. I know my dad would be. Animal welfare, youth sports and recreation, a local theatre, a hospital foundation or a news outlet he supports. Honestly, the options are totally endless but as with all the suggestions above, make sure that the organization you choose to support on behalf of your Dad really represents his interests and passions so he knows this was a genuine gift from the heart.

So, what do you think about these unique Father’s Day gifts? Do you have anything to add to the list? I would love to hear it!

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