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A Beauty Box That Gives Back

Summer is wrapping up but it sure has been a sweet one. Don’t you agree? I’ll definitely miss the long hot days (I might be speaking for myself here ;)…) but honestly, who doesn’t love the fall?! With the change of seasons I always look forward to fresh starts and new routines. This week I am cleaning house, organizing my closet, and switching over my skincare routine…oh, and starting a new notebook! Isn’t funny how you never really lose that ‘back to school’ mentality, even when you haven’t gone back to school in years?

Today I’m excited to share with you a new product offering from Yves Rocher. It’s a Botanical Beauty Box (because who doesn’t love receiving a surprise box full of awesome beauty products?!) but with a twist. I love sharing about brands who make an effort to support social and environmental initiatives as well as provide great products. Yves Rocher is definitely one of those companies for me and this Botanical Beauty Box is a great example for how they are giving back with their products.

The Botanical Beauty Box comes with a few sample and full sized beauty products for you to try. The products are diverse from each other so any one product isn’t redundant (ie. there are not going to be multiple cleansers or moisturizers, the products included work well together). What makes this beauty box special though? Each box is going to be curated by a different inspiring woman and part of the proceeds go to a cause that also supports women. So cool, right?! The whole idea of this box is to create something that combines practicality, pleasure, and inspiration. I love it!

This first beauty box is curated by Patty Schmidt. Patti is a Canadian independent musician and part of her efforts throughout her career have been empowering the professional development of fellow female artists. The curator of each Botanical Beauty Box gets to select a foundation of their choice to give $1 from each of the boxes sold. Patti chose Because I am A Girl – a Canadian foundation that is international in scope and supporting girls around the world who face gender inequalities. Included in each Beauty Box is a booklet where the curator shares about the foundation they have selected to support and why – included in the booklet is also information on all the products and some inspiring stories, too.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this summer’s first box, shall we?! Included in this first box is:

  1. Hydra Vegetal Moisturizing Gel Cream – this has been one of my go-to moisturizers for a couple of years now and my summer skin was loving it.
  2. Hydra Vegetal Radiance Exfoliating Gel – this is a gentle exfoliant that uses bamboo micrograms to clear skin of dead cells. Um, cool?!
  3. Concentrated Shampoo – this summer I switched to using the Yves Rocher concentrated body wash and I can honestly say that this product is a game changer. This shampoo uses the same concept. Using just a tiny bit of this shampoo (much less than usual) you can clean all of your hair. The shampoo is concentrated and the small bottle has as much product as as a bottle 3 times its size and therefore saves a ton of plastic waste.
  4. A quick and easy makeup removing mitt that requires water only to remove all of your makeup. Friends, if I’m being totally honest with you, I have no idea how this material actually works so well but I know for sure that it is magical and an awesome environmentally friendly cleansing option
  5. Elixir Jeunesse Anti pollution mask – a weekly mask to detoxify your skin from daily pollutants

The first Botanical Beauty Box is currently available for purchase on the Yves Rocher website but this is going to be an ongoing offering with each box curated by a different woman and supporting a different cause. Something to check out seasonally, for sure!

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  1. Allison says:

    Matt and I just watched a show about the world water crisis. I love that a few of these products have that problem in mind! I need that mitt!

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