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The Benefits to Concentrated Shampoo and Body Wash

Long Weekend Getaway

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I took a quick long weekend trip to Vancouver. Dan was going for work (yes, literally to visit a million cafes) and I tagged along for fun…which it was! I visited Vancouver for the first time about a year and a half ago and after that first visit I totally understood why people go there and stay forever…it’s just sooo beautiful! This trip, we ventured outside of the city to Whistler and Vancouver Island to visit with friends and spent just 2 days downtown – we covered a lot of ground in just a few of days! The most exciting part of my trip? I saw a BEAR! For those of you who follow me on Instagram you may have witnessed my excitement on Instagram stories. So, overall, it was a great trip!

Are you Team Carry on Only?

If you’ve followed here for a while you will know I am ALL ABOUT taking carry on luggage only when I travel. I have travelled for over a month before with just a carry on so you can bet that my 4 day trip came with a very strict carry on only rule (which Dan broke because he was taking SO.MUCH.COFFEE.). Packing clothing for a trip is one thing but cosmetics is half of the packing process for me. I can’t tell you how many times I have landed in a new city and set out right away to find a drug store because I forgot something important for my daily skin care/make up routine. So, now I make a list and check it twice ;).

When it comes time to pack my cosmetics for a trip I gather up all my small containers to take my own shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser and body wash. I remember when I was young I loved going into a hotel and going straight to the bathroom to use all the small products that they leave for you – I loved trying out the new shampoos and conditioners, opening the fresh new bar of soap and trying the little bottle of moisturizer. However, as I have gotten older, I definitely like to stick to my products that I use at home – I know they are better quality and my skin and hair are used to them. As much as I enjoy the experience of new products when I enter my hotel room, I value what is best for my skin.

Yves Rocher Concentrated Products

This spring I made the switch to using Yves Rocher Concentrated Shower Gel and shampoo (although I like to switch up my shampoo with the Yves Rocher low shampoo and also the purple shampoo for dyed hair!). When it came time to pack up my cosmetic case I was SO excited that these products came in 100ml bottles making them the perfect size to travel with. No need to scrounge for small containers, and no need to switch up my regular routine while on the go.

So, What’s the Deal with Concentrated Products?

I’ll chat first about the concentrated body gel – because this product is concentrated you get more product in a smaller bottle. One 100ml bottle has as much concentrated product as a 400ml bottle – seriously, just one small squirt of this product goes such a long way and is all I need to clean my whole body in the shower! The 100ml bottle lasts for 40 showers. So why does this matter? The smaller bottle uses way less plastic than the bigger bottle making this a smarter choice to traditional body washes environmentally.

more product in a smaller bottle = less plastic waste 

To boot, this product is paraben and preservative free making it good for your skin but also for the waterways as a product that we wash down our drains. As far as the ingredients, this product is 97% from botanical origin. There are 5 scents to choose from and they all use organically farmed aloe vera as one of the key ingredients.

What about the Shampoo?

The shampoo is the same idea! The 100ml bottle has as much product as the 300ml bottle. It is an easily biodegradable formula and is free of colorants, parabens, preservatives and silicones. The bottle is recyclable and is even made partially of recycled materials.

Packing my Cosmetic Case

So clearly we have shampoo and body wash covered, but what else is a travel essential? For me, it is all about cleansing and hydration. Cleansing wipes, moisturizer, and a great lip balm are my travel musts. An eye cream, a mask, and a serum are definite ‘nice to haves’ though, even when just travelling for a few days!

What are your go-to travel products? Do you change your routine when you’re on the go?

Annnnd We Made it!

We had such a great trip to BC – it really is such a beautiful province and I felt so lucky to visit during such a beautiful time of year. We saw amazing mountains and visited the most beautiful lakes like this one below – Lake Lillooet.

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Thank you to Yves Rocher for partnering on this post – all opinions and photos are my own.

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experiencing yves rocher in la gacilly

Last month I had the pleasure of experiencing Yves Rocher, one of my favourite beauty and skincare brands, first hand in the town where the brand originated – La Gacilly, France

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