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How to Get Value out of Your Wedding Flower Budget – Niagara Wedding Florist

Threads & Blooms is a Niagara Wedding Florist offering tips to get the most out of your wedding flower budget.Wedding Budget - How to get the best value out of your wedding flower budget! Tips from a Niagara Wedding Florist

Let’s Talk About Your Wedding Flower Budget…

A nervous line but one of the most important topics when designing your wedding. Your wedding budget – everyone has one and making sure you can stay within it can relieve a lot of wedding planning stresses. Today we are specifically talking about your wedding flower budget. This isn’t a list of suggestions for how to do wedding flowers on the cheap or alternatives to using flowers at all. It is about getting the best value out of your wedding budget and getting the final look you desire.

Good value doesn’t necessarily mean using cheap flowers or making tiny arrangements. It’s about making smart decisions on where to spend your wedding budget so that you can get the final look for a price that you are comfortable with. ‘Bang for your buck’ I call it! Here are a few ways to help keep your wedding budget in check without sacrificing beautiful fresh florals on your wedding day.

1. Go Green

Greens tend to be less expensive than flowers. So, if you choose a style that is lush and green, that is going to be less expensive than a bouquet or centrepiece of the same size that is all flowers with very few greens. To boot, arrangements with plenty of green are beautiful for a summer garden feel.

2. Go Big 

Choosing a variety of bloom sizes will make your arrangements more interesting. Incorporating a few flowers with large blooms into your arrangements – like hydrangeas, spider mums, or sunflowers – will give you good mileage. A hydrangea for example, is the size of 3 or 4 flowers for the price of 1! When mixed with other flowers of varying bloom sizes you will have a beautiful and balanced bouquet. That’s just smart design!

3. Bridal Work Matters

Sometimes it’s matter of saving money in some places and putting more of your wedding budget into others. For example, I always tell my Clients that you will get more enjoyment out of putting more budget into your bridal work and shaving a little off your centrepieces.  The bridal work is the first impression of your wedding flowers. It’s the first thing you see and it’s what you have to hold and look at all day – it might as well be fabulous!

When it comes to the table centrepieces, a room that is decorated with an arrangement on each table is dramatic and beautiful, regardless of the detailed flower specifics. So my advice is to stick to the regular rose in your centrepiece and go for the garden rose in your bridal bouquet 🙂 Moral of the story? Choose areas where you value putting your budget. The spots where you will get the most impact and enjoyment. Doing a few things really well looks better than doing everything in a scaled back manner.

4. Keep it Seasonal

Choosing flowers that are in season can make such a difference to your wedding flower budget. Dahlias and peonies, for example, are wedding flower favourites. When they are in season they are quite reasonably priced. However, buy them out of season and you could be paying as much as 10x the cost per stem! Yikes.

5. Go for the Look and Colour

The most important thing is that you and your florist are on the same page for the style and look for your event. If a particular bouquet you love is chalked full of pricy stems, we can often achieve the same look and feel in a different way using less expensive flowers or by making it a bit smaller. Focus on a style and colour scheme. As long as your florist knows the feel you are going for they can advise on ways you can get the look you want. It’s all about the end feel!

Did you find this list helpful? If you have any questions about wedding flowers comment below or send me an e-mail! And make sure to follow along on Instagram for daily updates!

Threads & Blooms is a Niagara Wedding Florist. Take a look through our Gallery at some of your past wedding projects or read about us over on our About Us page!

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