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12 Blue Flowers for your Bridal Bouquet

The colour of the year was named as classic blue this year and I can already see more blue flowers in my floral future! I love incorporating cut blue flowers into a wedding floral scheme. An arrangement of just blue flowers can lack dimension and be over powering but adding a hint of blue flowers in a floral arrangement can really make a beautiful impact. It’s one of my favourite colours to accent many floral colour schemes! Below are 12 blue flowers to use in your wedding.

Blue Flowers - Blue flowers for weddings - Blue Flowers for Bouquets
Image Sources: 1. Nigella // 2. Iris // 3. Panda Anemone // 4. Echinops // 5. Delphinium // 6. Cornflower // 7. Hyacinth // 8. Viburnum Berries // 9. Tweedia // 10. Hydrangea // 11. Muscari

1. Nigella

Nigella (also called love-in-a-mist) comes in a lovely dark and light blue as well as white. It has a delicate bloom that acts as a beautiful floating flower in any arrangement.

Availability: Spring

2. Iris

Iris is a classic garden flower that comes in various shades of blue and purple but the most commonly available tone is the deep purple/blue pictured here. It has a very upright form and needs time to open before using it in floral design work.

Availability: Spring

3. Anemone

While technically a white flower, the dark centre in an anemone is often a beautiful navy blue colour. This always make a statement in a bridal bouquet and can compliment other blue flowers nicely.

Availability: locally in the spring, imported year round

4. Echinops

Echinops or thistle is a blue flower unlike any other. The variety shown here is a globe thistle but the more conical blue thistle is perhaps more common. This is a great accent in boutonnieres and a nice blue flower option available year round.

Availability: Locally in summer and fall, imported year round

5. Delphiniums

These are tall and dramatic blue flowers that are especially nice in larger installations. They come in a dark and light blue as well as white.

Availability: Locally in the early summer, imported year round

6. Cornflower

A delicate and super bright blue flower. Extra cute in bud vases!

Availability: Mid summer

7. Hyacinth

Hyacinth come in many beautiful colours like white, soft pink, and purple. The blue is not as common but can be found. They have a wonderful smell and are a true sign of spring.

Availability: Spring, greenhouse production begins in the winter

8. Privet/Viburnum Berries

I love these dark navy, almost black berries for the texture and colour they add to an arrangement. Both privet berries and viburnum berries give a very similar look.

Availability: Mid fall through early spring

9. Tweedia

I love tweedia as the perfect delicate hint of soft blue in a bouquet – the colour is perfect if your couple wants just a ‘hint of blue’.

Availability: Year round (imported)

10. Hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas come in varying tones from soft blue to deep royal blue. Garden grown are beautiful in the summer but the imported ones are very reliable all year round. These are one of the best known blue flowers.

Availability: Late summer locally, imported year round

11. Muscari

My absolute favourite of the blue flowers. The smell is so lovely and their shape is beautiful in any arrangement.

Availability: Spring, greenhouse production ends in the winter

Blue Flowers - Forget Me Nots
Forget me Nots in the spring

12. Forget Me Nots

These delicate blue flowers are so charming! They are popular in gardens and lovely as a cut flower.

Availability: Late spring

Bridal Bouquet Inspiration with Blue Flowers

Bridal Bouquet with Blue Flowers
Forget me nots and lily of the valley make a beautiful spring wild flower bouquet
Spring Bridal Bouquet with Blue Flowers
A delicate hint of blue muscari makes an impact in this spring bouquet

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