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How to Display Pressed Flowers

Well friends, it turns out that there IS a way to make your flowers last forever! Honestly, I was pretty excited when I figured this out myself. So, how do you do it? Press them! Pressed Flowers make beautiful wall art and each bloom is so unique. Read this post to learn how to display pressed flowers.

How To Display Pressed Flowers

Have You Ever Pressed Flowers?

Last month I shared how to make a flower press. After a few weeks of patiently waiting for my pressed flowers to dry I was finally able to take them out from the press and display them in my home. Yaay! I love the simple look of pressed flowers and, when displayed in a group like I have done here, the result is clean but has a lot of impact! The thing that I love most about pressed flowers is that they are original pieces and no two will ever be the same. This is something that I always go for with the art in my home. Additionally, the idea that you can preserve something that is so delicate indefinitely is pretty cool if you ask me.

Are you ready to learn how to display pressed flowers?

How to Display Pressed Flowers

What You Will Need to Display Pressed Flowers:

  • dried flower specimens (see our original post for how to press flowers)
  • a picture Frame
  • watercolour paper or paper that suits your taste to mount your flowers on
  • double sided tape (I used Gorilla Brand)
  • scissors

Selecting the Framing Supplies to Display Pressed Flowers

  1. Visualize your design and choose a frame that will suit your vision. Things to consider before purchasing a frame are how big the flowers you want to display are and if you would like your flowers displayed with or without a mat. Once you have decided these 2 things you can set out to find your frames. You will want a frame that will be an appropriate size to fully display your flower specimens. You can find frames many places – I wanted 3 identical frames with mats and these ones from Ikea were perfect.
  2. Select the paper on which to mount your flowers. I chose a watercolour paper with a slightly creamy finish and nice texture.
  3. Gather your supplies – frame, mounting paper, flower specimens, double sided table, regular tape, and scissors. You’re ready to display your pressed flowers!
How to Display Pressed Flowers

How To Display Pressed Flowers

  1. Cut your mounting paper to size. If you are using a mat, cut your paper slightly larger than the size of your mat. If you are not using a mat cut your paper to the exact size to fit within your frame.
  2. Tape your mounting paper to the backside of your mat. If you are not using a mat then this step can be skipped.
  3. Place your flower specimens out how you would like them to be displayed in your frame. I placed all 3 pictures together before securing the flowers to the paper like I did in the image above to make sure you like how they look as a grouping. Cut the flower stems as needed to make the presentation the way you would like.
  4. Secure your flowers using the double sided tape. I used very small pieces of double sided tape to secure the flowers to the background paper. I used a larger piece of tape right in the middle of each bloom and smaller pieces on each petal. I tucked the stems behind the mats at the bottom of the frame and used a small piece of tape to secure the stems behind the mat too.
  5. Assemble your frames with your flowers in place and find the perfect spot to hang them on your walls!

And that is how to display pressed flowers!

I really love having this simple collection in our guest bedroom and, being a flower lover, it feels so ‘me’!

Have you ever tried pressing flowers? What are some of your favourite specimens to press?

How to Display Pressed Flowers How to Display Pressed Flowers How to Display Pressed Flowers

If you want to press your own flowers, be sure to read our first post on How to Make a Flower Press

How to Make a Flower Press

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