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How to Make a Floral Hair Piece

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY Floral Hair Comb for your wedding day!

DIY Floral Hair Comb

DIY Floral Hair Comb For Your Wedding Day

When I put together wedding proposals these days they are nothing like what they used to be. Gone are the days of a few centrepieces and bridal party bouquets! Tablescapes are now intricate designs and each wedding comes with its own unique floral art installation. Honestly it has made the job so much more fun and creative. Weddings are also filled with special small detail items too. I love to make flowers for the seating chart, flowers for the back of the chairs, flowers for the cake, and of course, flowers to wear. While boutonnieres and corsages have always been staples, hairpieces are now making an appearance at most of my weddings. I totally love them. With the right supplies making doing a DIY floral hair comb is not difficult at all.

DIY Floral Hair Comb

You will need to make a DIY Floral Hair Comb:


If you are wearing your hair up, a backcomb is one of the best ways to add flowers to your hair. It is secure and acts as a great base on which to add your flowers. However, if you are having your hair done by stylist I always suggest getting their advice on what would make the most sense for your hair style. Sometimes loose blooms or a floral crown suit what they are doing best. However, 9/10 times I am asked to make a floral crown to compliment a hair style. They are secure and provide the perfect sized area to add flowers for your hair.

Floral glue is a really key supply here. Honestly, this stuff is magic. If you’re a florist who has yet to discover the magic of flower glue I encourage you to go buy a tube ASAP. It adheres to flowers so well and they aren’t going anywhere once glued. Promise! To get the best stick-power, I put a small blob of glue (the size of a loonie) onto a cardboard scrap and allow it to get a tiny bit tacky before using it. I like to use the stem of a flower as a dabbing stick to carry the glue from the cardboard to the surface that I want to glue on (either the flower or the backcomb…or both!).

Selecting your Flowers for a DIY Floral Hair Comb

  1. Consider Colour. What will you (or the person you’re making it for) be wearing? If it’s for a wedding I’ll always make it to match nicely with the bridal bouquet.
  2. Consider Variety. Since your flower comb will not have a water source, you want to ensure that you use a variety that can tolerate being out of water for a few hours. Some of my go-to’s for this are: roses (garden or spray), ranunculus, carnations, and smaller fill flowers like baby’s breath, wax flower or greenery. You don’t want anything that is too big because you want the flower to adhere securely to the small bit of area that you have to glue to on the backcomb. If the flower is too big it will be wobbly and potentially fall off. A small flower will stick to the hair comb with no problem.
  3. Design your backcomb first, and then choose the flowers. I like to have a focal flower along with some smaller pieces like buds, fill flowers, and greenery. Choosing a few different textures will make your comb more interesting.


DIY Floral Hair Comb

How To Make a DIY Floral Back Comb

  1. First, cut your flower stems right off of the flowers you will be using. You want to have no stem at all so that your flowers can be stuck right onto the backcomb with as much surface area touching as possible and no stems getting in the way. Play around with placement of the flowers before adding the glue and committing to your design. For my backcomb I used a small garden rose as my focal flower. Rose buds, astilbe and privet greenery around added interest. I liked the combination of textures and sizes of blooms.
  2. Once you are happy with your placement, pour some glue onto a cardboard scrap and allow it to get tacky. Add your flowers to the backcomb starting with your largest element and then working your way down in size. Tuck the stems of your flowers in underneath the other flowers so that it looks as though your flowers are naturally growing. The glue dries quickly but I suggest gently holding the flower in place while it dries so that it doesn’t move.
  3. If you won’t be wearing your floral comb for a few hours after making it you can place it in the fridge in a fully sealed container.
  4. Place your DIY floral hair comb into your hair do and enjoy looking like a Floral Princess!


DIY Floral Hair Comb

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