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15 Modern Candle Holders for your Minimalist Tablescape

I’ve rounded up 15 of the coolest modern candle holders from around the web as well as a simple DIY project to make some of your own. Simple modern candle holders are perfect for an industrial inspired and minimalist tablescape.

Modern Candle Holders | Minimalist Tablescape

The Search for Modern Candle Holders

My love of candles has launched to a whole new level this year. Honestly, I’m obsessed. After a year of making a stop at every thrift store we pass (sorry Dan!) I have accumulated quite the collection of brass, silver, and crystal holders. This week I was putting together a minimalist tablescape for a small event. Neutral tones, clean materials…that sort of thing. Feeling prett-ay uninspired with how my current collection of candle holders paired with the scheme, I set out to make some super simple DIY modern candle holders. These candle holders are easy to make and with their neutral design they compliment many different interiors and tablescapes.

15 Beautiful Modern Candle Holders to Consider if you Don’t Want to Make Your Own:



DIY Candle Holders

Make Your Own Modern Candle Holders out of Concrete, this is what you’ll need:

  • A cardboard drawing tube. For reference, each candle shown here is 1.5 inches high, so buy the length of tube that will accommodate for the amount of candle holders that you wish to make. Craft and Office Supply stores will have these.
  • Cardboard to make the circular bottom form
  • scissors
  • Candle sticks (as many as you are making candle holders)
  • Tape
  • Concrete mix

Prepping your Concrete Forms

  1. First, cut your cardboard drawing tube to the desired height for each of your candles. My candles shown here are approximately 1.5 inches high but you can alter the height to your preference. To make your cut even across the tube, make several marks around the tube measuring the same distance from the top with each mark. When you make your cut, work in small sections connecting each mark to the next to ensure your edge is even all the way around. Use a sharp and safe knife to make your cut – I ended up finding that an exacto knife was not strong enough and a small saw worked best.
  2. Next, trace the end of the cardboard tube onto a piece of flat cardboard and cut out as many circles as you are making candles. This will be the bottom of your form.
  3. Using tape (painters tape worked well) tape the circular cardboard forms from step 2 to the cardboard tubes that you cut out in step 1.


Time to Add the Concrete!

  1. Mix your concrete! If your mix has coarse aggregate, remove any larger stones with a sift or by hand while wearing gloves. Work outside in a ventilated area and be careful not to get any mixture (dry or wet) on your hands. I prepared my mix in a plastic yogurt container and had to do 2 batches in this size container. Follow the instructions on your concrete bag for mix:water ratio. If your mix is too dry it will not dry into a smooth candle holder.
  2. Pour the concrete mix into your cylinder forms. Place a candle in the centre of the concrete. Turn your candles every hour while the concrete is still wet so that the candles do not stick in the concrete.
  3. Allow your concrete to dry. I suggest you leave it for at least a day.
  4. Cut away the forms and get ready to style your table!

Modern Candle Holders | Minimalist Tablescape

Completed Forms

How to Decorate a Minimalist Tablescape with your Modern Candle Holders

To make your own minimalist tablescape, focus on simple materials and a monochromatic colour scheme. Bud vases are a lovely simple way to decorate a table so that it feels full yet simple. Simplicity is key to a modern feel but bear in mind that simplicity does not necessarily mean sparse. Select candlesticks that match the colour of the decor on the table. I went with muted pinks and greys to compliment the flowers. I love how the linen and concrete are both simple materials with a rough feel which is set off with the shiny copper of the Umbra Geometric Shapes.

Modern Candle Holders | Minimalist Tablescape

Looking to Style Your Own Tablescape? Read our Post: 5 Steps for Styling Your Table!

Modern Candle Holders | Minimalist Tablescape

If a DIY project isn’t your thing, these 15 Beautiful Modern Candle Holders Might do the Trick!

Modern Candle Holders | Minimalist Tablescape

Minimalist Tablescape


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  1. Aleksandra says:

    That speaks so strongly to my recent thing for industrial!

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