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Striped Hudson’s Bay Coat

Smythe Hudson's Bay Coat

This is kind of the coat that started it all. I’ve always loved fashion, as everybody who knows me knows, but during university my focus switched to school and I didn’t put quite as much time or money into my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wasn’t slummin’ it in those years, but online clothing searches didn’t consume my evenings (as they admittedly do now). The winter after I graduated I walked into The Bay and saw this coat. It cost about exactly what I had in my bank account at the time but for years and years I had searched Ebay for a vintage striped Hudson’s Bay coat only to never find one in my size. That night I went home and researched the name on the label- Smythe, a pair of Canadian designers who make all their beautiful blazers in Canada (something I can always get behind). That was it! The next day I went back to The Bay and spent all my money on this coat and the next week I went and got a job so I could continue to buy more big ticket items like this…I was hooked. I think I’ll have this coat for the rest of my life.

Striped Hudson's Bay Coat

Smythe HBC coat

Smythe Hudson's Bay Coat

HBC Blanket Coat

Striped Hudson's Bay Coat

What I’m Wearing…
Coat: Smythe x HBC Striped Hudson’s Bay Coat (same)
Pants: Lulu Lemon (same)
Boots: Sperry (same)

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  1. Carina says:

    I totally get what you were talking about in your first paragraph. Especially when you mentioned putting in more focus on school work and less money into your wardrobe. I totally get it!!! University can really be so overwhelming.
    That being said, your coat (outfit) is ON POINT. Love the colours of the coat. Brightens up any gloomy winter day 🙂

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    • Emily H says:

      Thank you so much Ciara!! I’m so glad you related with the post, thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment! xo Emily

  2. Alyshia says:

    I was on the verge of getting this coat!! And now that I see how good it looks on you I regret not picking it up

  3. What a cute coat! Saw this on instagram (through Gina) and thought I’d stop by! Lovely blog 🙂

  4. Raysa Garcia says:

    I absolutely love this look.!! Especially that coat

  5. Ashley says:

    That jacket is perfection! It’s got such a 70’s Pendleton vintage vibe (or maybe I just think that because we had a pendleton blanket of my Dad’s from the 70s growing up) – and you look so cozy and chic!!

    Sed Bona

    • Emily H says:

      You’re totally right! I think Pendleton actually makes this exact blanket print based off the the Hudson’s Bay Blanket (which this coat is made out of!). Thanks for stopping by! xo

  6. That coat is amazing and definitely worth the investment! I love all of the colors and details and it looks so incredibly warm! Such a great buy.

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