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English Countryside Travel Diary – Bath & The Cotswolds

This travel diary of our trip to the english countryside covers things to do in Bath and The Cotswolds (including the lovely village of Bibury!).

The Cotswolds Travel Diary

English Countryside Adventure Part Deux

Going through these photos from my trip to England in the fall is definitely causing me some serrrrrious English countryside wanderlust, and I hope it is doing the same for you! Alright, so back with week two and this is the last batch of photos from my trip to the wonderful English countryside. Let the daydreaming commence…

Last week we started with Wiltshire and Dorset. After spending time at our friends house in Wiltshire, we traveled up to Cirencester in the Cotswolds to visit with another friend. However, since Bath is somewhat on the way between the two we obviously had to make a pit-stop on the way (I mean, have you SEEN Bath?!). Cirencester and Bath are both places I have visited before but each one definitely has a special place in my heart.

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath

Bath is located in Somerset and is a city surrounded by rolling hills. The city is best known for their ancient Roman Baths and beautiful Georgian architecture made of yellow Bath Stone. Seeing the city from afar as you are driving in is a spectacular sight that a camera can’t even almost do justice.

My sister and I had both been to Bath before so this visit was short but sweet. However, on previous visits we have visited many of the attractions for which Bath is best known. That is all thanks to our friend, Laura, who is the ULTIMATE tour guide! Bath is a place where I truly think all of the attractions are worth seeing. If you are planning a visit, here are some things to do in Bath: The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, The Royal Crescent and the Circus, The Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum, and of course, enjoy a Sally Lunn bun. Set aside a day and pack it all in, you won’t be disappointed! Bath has got a true city feel with plenty of shopping, food, history, and serious beauty. There is no shortage of things to do in Bath!

Things to do in Bath Things to do in Bath

Inside and outside of Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey - Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath Things to do in Bath

One of many streets filled with shops – Bath has everything from large chain clothing stores to small boutique shops. There are really so many things to do in Bath!

Things to do in Bath

Beautiful yellow bath stone buildings


The Cotswolds - Tetbury

We made another quick stop in the village of Tetbury which, as far as I could tell, is about as big as you can see in this photo! It was charming (obv!) and filled with tons of antique shops. Be still my grandmotherly heart. We popped into the Prince of Wales’ Highgrove Shop which has the original location in Tetbury. The shop is named after Prince Charles’ primary residence – Highgrove House, which is also located in Tetbury, just outside of the village. You better believe I was feeling the Royal presence here! The shop is filled with lovely English books, treats, dish wear and more.

The Cotswolds - Tetbury

Bibury  & Around the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds - Bibury

After seeing photos online, Bibury was one of the new places that I knew I wanted to visit. The best known view of Bibury is Arlington Row (below) which is an incredibly picturesque row of houses. As lovely as these homes are, I kind of feel for the people who live here – there are constant amounts of people here taking photos (and yes, I realize I was one of them! Sorrrrry!). In addition to Arlington Row, the residential streets just off of the main road in Bibury were such a treat to walk around.

From here we were given the grand Cotswolds driving tour by our friend. We drove through kilometers winding narrow country roads, saw plenty of sheep dotted fields, and admired every.single.damn.stone house we passed. If you ever find yourself in this part of the country, take an afternoon just to drive and see everything you can (but be careful because holy moly those roads are narrow and people are driving FAST!!).

The Cotswolds - Bibury - Arlington Row The Cotswolds - Bibury - Arlington Row The Cotswolds - Bibury The Cotswolds

Beautiful bridges like this are all over the country roads of the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds - Bibury

Typical country pub

The Cotswolds - Duntisbourne Leer - Ford

This village of Duntisbourne Leer had a ford (a shallow stream) running through the main road that you drive through. And that house on the left is my actual dream house.

Cirencester & The Royal Agricultural College

My first trip ever was to Cirencester to visit my sister. She was studying abroad in her second year of university at the Royal Agricultural College. I was 15 years old, had never left Canada and never been on a plane. The Royal Agricultural College was my first taste of university life and ooooh boy was it fun! As my first trip ever, naturally, I packed all 13 pairs of shoes that I owned so I could look my best all week. I stayed with my sister in her dormitory room (which had bay windows looking out to the gardens). I went to class with her, ordered my first drinks at a pub and attended the prestigious May Ball. It was rumoured that Prince Harry was going to be there that year as many of his friends attended the school…he wasn’t.

During our visit this time we stayed right in the village of Cirencester (above a pub, as you do!). Cirencester is filled with lovely small clothing shops and restaurants. It is definitely a place you can walk in a couple of hours.

The Cotswolds - Cirencester

The narrow streets of Cirencester

The Cotswolds - Royal Agricultural University

A few shots of the beautiful Royal Agricultural Universtiy grounds

The Cotswolds - Royal Agricultural University Cirencester  The Cotswolds - Royal Agricultural University Cirencester The Cotswolds - Royal Agricultural University Cirencester

Well Friends, that’s it for my fall trip to England. What are some of your favourite places that you have visited?

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  1. Aleksandra says:

    I still remember the first time I went to Bath, such a gorgeous place!

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