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How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters using Evergreen Boughs

Every year I have a roster of lovely clients for whom I make outdoor Christmas Planters. If you are looking to put together your own planter this winter I hope that this one can give you some inspiration! Follow the simple instructions below to make your own outdoor Christmas planters.

How to make an Outdoor Holiday Planter


How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

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How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

When did it become Winter?!

Every year it shocks me how quickly this season rolls around and then subsequently how quickly it passes by. This year I am getting my act together in good time to actually share everything here that I want to share with you in preparation for this holiday season! I’m not a big fan of gift guides but I am a big fan of Holiday decor, seasonal recipes, and festive DIY projects. So if you are with me there I hope you tune in a few times over the next couple of weeks!

So today I am starting us off with a holiday planter! This is usually the first thing I will start to do at this time of year. Because it is outside the evergreen boughs will not dry out before Christmas arrives (in fact, this will last you well beyond!) and by this point in the year the summer and fall planters are getting mighty tired looking. It’s time for the switch over!

To Make Your Own Outdoor Christmas Planters You will Need:

  • 1 plastic pot in the appropriate diameter to fit within your planter
  • 1 bag of soil
  • evergreen boughs – I used cedar, spruce, pine, hemlock, and cypress
  • birch poles – make sure that they are long enough to touch the bottom of your pot and still stand at the appropriate height
  • dogwood twigs
  • berries – ilex, rose hips, or even artificial (that’s what I had on hand) are great!
  • pinecones or other decorative elements such as seed pods, ornaments, or bows

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

Want to see a stop motion video of this planter being made? Check it out here on Instagram!

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters   How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters:

  1. Fill your plastic liner pot with soil and place it within your urn. You can put the soil directly into your urn but, if your urn is made of a porous material such as concrete, the freezing of the soil in direct contact could could cause it to crack.
  2. First place the birch poles. Stick them down as far as you can into the soil and compact the soil around with your hands so that they stay secure.
  3. Add in your evergreen boughs. Place them all around the birch poles and in between too. You want to cover all the bare soil. Use a mix of evergreens for more interest and feel free to add some that are a bit more wild too – it does not need to be perfect!
  4. Add in some more detail with dogwood twigs. I placed these in the middle/toward the back along with the birch poles to further accentuate that as the highest part and focal of the planter
  5. Add in decorative elements. Start first with the biggest and then finish with the smallest. I focused all of the pinecones in one area with the larger ones being together in the bottom left corner. This creates another focal point and almost acts as a visual continuation from the upright birch poles. Fill out the planter with your other elements.

As always, you can alter this formula to suit your style! If you want something more traditionally Christmas then you could use glitter sticks instead of the birch poles and ornaments instead of the pinecones. Ensure that you have plenty of evergreen boughs and everything will look beautiful in the end! Enjoy decorating and getting in the Holiday Spirit!

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

Decorating with Evergreen boughs for the Holidays

Using evergreen boughs is an affordable and beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays. If using evergreen boughs inside you will need to mist them daily so they don’t dry out. Evergreen boughs can be found on most properties and you can use them to make wreaths, garland, swags, or fill a vase for an impactful but minimal feel. As a bonus, they make your house smell great! Chances are you or a friend have some on your property that you can cut or they are for sale at super affordable prices at almost all hardware stores, grocery stores, and nurseries at this time of year.

Types of evergreen boughs that are great for decorating during the Holidays:

  • cedar
  • spruce
  • pine
  • hemlock
  • juniper
  • cypress
  • boxwood

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters How to Make Outdoor Christmas Planters


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  1. Erin says:

    I just want to know where you got that red yellow and blue striped coat?

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  4. This is SOOO cute and looks easy to put together. I will definitely be doing this for my house…. yeiiii!!!

  5. Aleksandra says:

    Never too early for Christmas, huh?

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