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Winter in the Studio

I have been meaning to give a studio tour for months…maybe even a year now! The reality that has been holding me back is that whenever I am at my studio I am up to my ears in flowers and on a tight timeline to get everything done…and usually surrounded by a big mess!  So, while this is not a studio tour by any means, I wanted to share a few tid bit photos with you of my little work space.

This past weekend we hosted a few workshops in the studio. I always love having people come and join me there. It’s a unique space in that it is truly truly rustic – no trying to make anything look aged or old here! Dan and I fixed up the studio last winter. To say it is a huge improvement from what it was is an understatement! Of course, it is far from perfect and a work in progress (always will be ;)) but I love it for its charm. This barn started out as a goat barn and then later a car garage. When I took over it had a storage loft above that blocked out all the light, oil stained concrete, mix matched wood walls, lots and lots of old pieces of equipment and probably a family or 2 of raccoons. We painted all the walls white, installed a wood stove, made some shelves and hung a big ol’ chandelier and lots of mirrors. Can you tell I really like mirrors? Heh!

So, I promise that a properly photographed studio tour is coming soon, I really appreciate all of you taking such interest in my space! For now, here are a few snaps from the weekend. Have a great week!

Dainty wreaths hanging on the wall

  vintage botanical prints found at my local gem of a thrift shop

 The table all set up for workshop attendees

What the workshop attendees made! A long lasting centrepiece


Materials all set out for our urn making workshop

Storage baskets from Canadian Tire to hold supplies (pruning sheers, tape, ribbon etc. on top and styling accessories below). The table is my dad’s old welding bench – the only thing that we kept from when this space was a garage! It’s so heavy you literally need a bobcat to move it 2″…sooo it’ll probably be in this spot forever!

Pinecones and greenery…ready to be made into something! Whenever I get home with flower shipments I unpack everything into big glass vases and metal pails – it gives me a good idea of what I am working with and is more visually inspiring than green and black buckets!

The best spot in the house! Right beside the wood stove to the left (more photos of the wood stove corner in last week’s chai toddy recipe post). The metal on the wall is for insurance purposes…I think it’s ugly but apparently necessary! Hah, oh well!

Some of the vase and vintage candlestick inventory

A little bit of cedar garland and lights to make it feel festive

My favourite mirror of all (but actually I love all of them)!

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