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Because Who Doesn’t Want to Look at Beautiful Flowers?

A Peek Back at Summer in the Studio

As our wedding season is drawing to a close and the cold weather is settling in, I thought I would share a few photos of the beautiful flowers we had in the studio this summer. Flower images make people happy, right?? Or is that just me? Regardless! I hadn’t shared any studio shots on here since winter of last year so it felt like it was time. Instead of just sharing the images though, I thought I would share with you some of the flowers that I consider the best flowers for weddings. This is not a comprehensive list my any means because in my opinion all flowers have their place if used properly, but these are just a few of my favourite flowers for weddings.

Beautiful Flowers - Ranunculus and Tulips


Ranunculus is traditionally a spring flower but is also available most of the year round. It is so long lasting, opens beautifully, and comes in amazing colours.


Tulips are usually available from November – May but locally grown outside only in the spring. They are wonderful for all arrangements. Special parrot and double varieties can be amazing and with huge blooms.

Beautiful Flowers - Pink Wedding Flowers


Peonies, when in season, are excellent wedding flowers – they are long lasting in water and moderately long lasting out of water and their fairly large bloom size makes them a great flower for centrepieces and bridal work. The one downside to peonies is that if they are out of season they can be very expensive and an alternative is often necessary due to budget. If you’re getting married in June though, you are in luck!

Spray Roses

Spray roses are great for all aspects of wedding design and I especially love them for personal items like bridal bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. They have a smaller bloom and are hardy out of water making them perfect for these smaller items that will be well loved throughout the day.

Blue Wedding Flowers

Niagara Wedding Florist


Delphiniums are great flowers if you are looking for drama and height. They’re a bit sensitive so I only ever use them in arrangements that will have a water source all day but for larger pieces they can’t be beat. They come in white as well as light and dark blue and purple. I don’t get the opportunity to use the blue varieties as often, simply because blue isn’t a super common wedding colour scheme, but they are so beautiful when I do get to use them!

Blush Wedding Flowers


Roses – standard and garden are such staples in wedding floral work. They are one of the most versatile flowers and can work well for all aspects of your wedding design. Make sure to give your roses ample time so they can open properly and fully before your wedding – an beautifully opened rose can’t be beat!


Stocks (the white flowers to the left of the pink roses) are great flowers that come in many colours and have a wonderful scent. I love using these in bridal bouquets and centrepieces. They have a different shape so they create interest when paired with more standard circular shaped flowers (roses, peonies, ranunculus etc. all have a round form).

Beautiful Flowers - White and Green Wedding Flowers

White and Pink Wedding Flowers


Hydrangea are great flowers for larger arrangements due to their big bloom size. They cover a lot of surface area at a very reasonable cost making them a budget friendly flower. In the fall the local varieties of hydrangea are available (pictured here) and they are some of my favourite flowers to use. Hydrangea should always be used with a water source as they tend to wilt quickly.

Peach Wedding Flowers


Carnations (top right) have had a reputation of being a cheaper flower but if you ask any florist their opinion on carnations I think we will all agree that they are a wonderful flower for weddings and have definitely made a resurgence in high end floral design. Carnations come in amazing muddy colours and last so long. A definite winner in my books.

Beautiful Flowers - Cafe au Lait Dahlias


Lisianthus (the pink flower in the bottom left above or the purple flower in the top left below) is a great fall flower, although it is available all year round at floral suppliers. Lisianthus are plentiful with their multiple blooms and the closed green buds are lovely for a bit of whimsy.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Beautiful Flowers - Cafe au Lait Dahlias


Dahlias are another fall flower that I love. They come in a vast array of colours, shapes and sizes making them a super versatile variety. Cafe au laits (the pink ones above) are one of my favourite varieties to use for their soft pink colour and huge bloom – I use them as often as possible when they are in season!

Flower Images - Apple Blossoms


Blossoms are the one floral item that I will never promise to a client. Well, actually, I never promise any flowers because as living things they can be unpredictable…but I especially would never promise blossoms. The bloom time of blossoms is a bit unpredictable and there are often years where they skip blooming entirely. However, if a wedding happens to fall on a week that the blossoms are blooming I always sneak them in because they are just oh so special.

What are some of your favourite Flowers for Weddings?

These are just a few of the flowers I love to use for weddings but there are SO MANY more. The floral palette I use changes so often throughout the year as flowers come in and out of season. I enjoy working with what is in season and looking the best the week of the wedding – it always allows for the most beautiful end result!

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