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Spring Bulb Planter Made Easy – A Simple DIY

A fresh bulb planter is the perfect way to welcome spring into your home!

Spring is here! Time to Make a Fresh Bulb Planter!

Last week I went into Anthropologie and fell in love with the planters that they have in stock this season. Is that really a surprise? Heh, nope! I picked up a few different styles that I am excited to use for arrangements this year. I’ve linked some of my current favourites below! Needless to say, the colourful and beautiful pots inspired me to start creating with some of my favourite spring plants. Below is a simple recipe to make your own spring bulb planter.

I really love spring bulbs – they smell so fresh and bring such optimism for a fresh start. This sized pot worked perfectly to hold four 4″ potted bulbs. Read below for my tips to make your own spring bulb planter.

Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY

Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY Ok, Let’s Get Started!

I purchased four 4″ planted bulbs from my local nursery:

  • 1 muscari
  • 1 daffodil
  • 2 hyacinth

Tulips would have also worked nicely in this spring bulb planter mix too but I wanted to keep things simple. Due to the small size of the pot I opted to use two hyacinth instead of adding in a 4th variety.

Tips for Selecting Bulbs for Your Spring Bulb Planter:

  1. Select potted plants that are early in their bloom cycle, even still all green. That way you can enjoy their entire lifecycle.
  2. Choose all of your plants so that they are at a similar stage in their lifecycle. That way, your planter will be cohesive as it blooms. In my outdoor garden I do the opposite – I pair plants together that bloom throughout the year so that there is long lasting interest. In a planter like this with a much shorter lifespan it is nice to be able to fully enjoy it all at once in my opinion.
  3.  If you are using a colourful planter like me, choose plants in a colour that will compliment your pot. I went for yellow, white, and blue to match the planter.
  4. Once you get your plants home, make sure they are well watered before transplanting them into their new pot. Having moist soil will make them a lot easier to work with.


Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY

Planting the Bulb Planter

Start with your flowers with the biggest bulbs, in my case that was the hyacinth. I placed them in the middle because that is where the diameter of the pot is the widest. After placing the two hyacinth I had two pockets – one in front and one behind the hyacinth where I planted the daffodil in one and the muscari in the other. I placed the muscari in front because it is the shortest and the daffodil in the back because it is tallest.

The hyacinth grows from one large bulb whereas the tulips and muscari have multiple smaller bulbs for every couple of blooms. I separated the daffodils into their individual bulbs and placed them wherever there were small pockets of planting space in the planter. You can rip apart the bulbs from each other but be gentle not to damage the actual bulb and keep as much of the soil around the bulb as possible.

Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY   Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY

Moss, Moss, Moss

Once all of your plants are placed in the pot use your fingers to push the soil down to make sure that there are no large air pockets. Top up the planter with soil so that the majority of all the bulbs are covered.

Use sheet moss to cover the top of your soil. The moss gives the planter a nice complete look and it also holds in moisture so your bulbs do not dry out.

Keep your planter in a spot that will get plenty of sun. Ensure that your soil remains moist but not wet. I like to water mine just a little bit daily. This pot does not have a drain in the bottom so be cautious not to overwater.

Enjoy watching your beautiful bulb planter bloom! 

Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY

Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY

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Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIYSimple Spring Bulb Planter DIY

Simple Spring Bulb Planter DIY


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Thank you so much for reading how to Make A Bulb Planter! Make sure to follow @threadsandblooms on Instagram for Daily Updates! 

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  1. Aleksandra says:

    I am addicted to spring bulbs too, planting them every year 🙂

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