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Color of the Year : Coral Blooms

Filed in: Floral Design

With the 2019 Pantone color of the year being one of my absolute favourites, I wanted to share some of my favourite coral flowers with you here. I hope this can provide you with some flower ideas if you are planning a coral event this year!

Coral Flowers - 2019 Pantone Color of the Year - Coral Wedding Inspiration Image Sources: 1. Rose / 2. Zinnias / 3. Snap Dragons / 4. Ranunculus / 5. Anthurium / 6. Tulips / 7. Sweet Peas / 8. Garden Roses / 9. Poppies / 10. Peony / 11. Stocks / 12. Spray Roses / 13. Carnations / 14. Protea / 15. Dahlia

1. Roses

Roses come in many varieties of coral from super soft to bright and bold. ‘Shimmer’ is shown here which is a beautiful medium toned coral but Angelica is a vibrant and punchy coral if that is more your style

Availability: Year round (imported)

2. Zinderella Zinnias

These mini zinnias are one of my favourite fall flowers and the Oklahoma and Zinderella varieties come in coral and coral complimenting tones.

Availability: Fall

3. Snap Dragons

This variety called ‘Apple Blossom’ is a sweet combo of white and pink but snapdragons grow in a vibrant coral colour as well.

Availability: Year Round (greenhouse grown), Summer and fall (local)

4. Ranunculus

Coral is one of the best colours for ranunculus and each bunch shows a great range in tones with each flower being slightly different.

Availability: Year Round (greenhouse), Spring (local)

5. Anthirium

A more tropical looking plant this is a definite focal flower. Anthirium comes in a dark bold coral or a soft blush coral as seen here with ‘Cheers’.

Availability: Year Round (imported and greenhouse grown)

6. Tulips

This Salmon parrot tulip has a beautiful form – you will find coral in parrot and double varieties.

Availability: Winter & Spring (local in spring, imported and greenhouse grown)

7. Sweet Peas

The most delicate flower, but often difficult to track down from suppliers. Comes in a few coral shades.

Availability: Spring

8. Garden Roses

The most gorgeous of all the roses! This Juliet rose has been a florist favourite for years (to the point of overuse but for good reason). Romantic Antike is another great deep and punchy garden rose and there are many more coral-ish varieties.

Availability: Year Round (imported), summer (local but different varieties)

9. Iceland Poppy

A beautiful flower. A typical bunch will have a selection of colours in it – white, yellow, and coral but all the tones compliment a coral colour scheme beautifully.

Availability: Spring

10. Coral Charm Peony

This gorgeous peony is a vibrant coral colour with a yellow centre. Will open quickly once out in the warm air and turns a soft yellow/white colour after a couple of days. If intended for event use where you need the coral colour I recommend opening it outside and then keeping it in the fridge until it is time to shine!

Availability: June

11. Stocks

This apricot colour is one of my favourites. A great reliable flower with a wonderful scent.

Availability: Year Round (greenhouse grown)

12. Spray Roses

There are many coral and peach shades for spray roses ranging from very soft and pale to super bright. Pictured here is Charming Babe.

Availability: Year Round (imported or greenhouse grown)

13. Carnations

The coral and coral complimenting shades of carnations are too many to count! This colour here is Novia. Check out Sierra Flower Finder to learn about all the amazing shades of carnations.

Availability: Year Round (greenhouse grown)

14. Protea

Another focal and tropical flower. The King Protea makes a huge statement.

Availability: Year Round (imported)

15. Dahlia

A fall favourite for cut flowers. There are many shades of coral dahlias in different shapes and sizes.

Availability: Fall


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