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Homemade Sorbet – Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet Recipe

Homemade Sorbet…OMG

Seasonal fruits are starting and I don’t even need to say it…you guys know I’m pumped. I’ll be kicking off the local fruit season with a few of my favourite strawberry rhubarb recipes over the next few weeks. While the strawberries aren’t out yet, rhubarb is growing in full force! This strawberry rhubarb homemade sorbet is such a sweet, delicious, and refreshing treat. This homemade sorbet recipe can actually be altered and made with any fruit flavouring that you like. Versatile and so so simple!

In order to make this sorbet you will need a food processor. I know, you know darn well about my blender woes (how it basically won’t even blend soft foods). However, I borrowed a food processor from a friend to make this…now a food processor is at the TOP of my ‘must have in the kitchen’ list. To make fruit sorbet you need 2 things. That’s right. TWO. Frozen fruit and maple syrup. I like things fancy, so I added some mint leaves and lime rind for additional fresh flavour but these ingredients are optional.

Maple Syrup…Agave…Honey. Which one?!

It’s important when making sorbet that your sugar is in liquid form, this helps with the freezing. I opted for maple syrup because it is a ‘healthier’ alternative to sugar and it’s also readily available. I tried this recipe using a homemade condensed coconut milk too (made by a long simmering process of coconut milk + sugar) and it turned out great as well but I’m sticking with the maple syrup for ease sake! However, I have come across similar recipes that use honey, simple syrup, and agave too – all to great success.

Homemade Sorbet- Strawberry Rhubarb
Prep Time
10 mins
Freezing Time
4 hrs

Delicious and refreshing dessert using frozen seasonal fruits! You can alter the fruit in this recipe to make any flavour of sorbet!

Course: Dessert
  • 2 cups frozen chopped rhubarb
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 rind of one lime
  • 5 mint leaves
  1. Combine all your ingredients in a powerful blender or food processor. Blend until mixture is fully creamy - this took me about 5 minutes on high. 

  2. Transfer the sorbet into a freezer proof container and seal. Place in the freezer for a couple of hours to harden! Enjoy!

Do you love strawberry rhubarb as much as we do? Try out our Strawberry Rhubarb Cocktail!

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